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  • Beautiful People: Clay Art Center

    Up until now, the Port Chester Beautification Commission has honored individuals for “beautifying” our village. This time we are thrilled to be paying tribute to an organization that is celebrating its 60th anniversary in town: The Clay Art Center.

  • Letter: Unsafe chicken at Playland Market

    I thought you might be interested in what happened to me Friday, Apr. 21.

    At 3:30 p.m., I went to Playland Market on Forest Avenue in Rye and ordered four pieces of boneless spicy chicken for an afternoon snack. I ate the first two, and when I picked up the third piece I felt something underneath it. It was an intact razor blade.

  • The last time I wrote a letter to this newspaper, I stated that the proposed $80 million school bond had as much chance of passing as a snowball in hell. Well, folks, the snowball is melting and so is your bank account.

  • Taxpayers of the Port Chester School District: I am endorsing Tom Corbia and Anne Capeci for two seats on the Port Chester school board in the coming election on May 16, 2017. They are two candidates who have experience, dedication and knowledge of our school system.

  • Two weeks ago, I sent a letter to the Westmore News entitled “Fasten your seat belts!” Today, I bring you the sequel to that: “Prepare for impact!” 

  • Jen Schlactus has a simple solution to every problem: spend more money. Jen wants to deplete the Blind Brook rainy day fund. Jen wants to negotiate union contracts by giving everyone raises. Jen wants to hire more consultants and coordinators. 
  • I'm writing to support Jeff Diamond's candidacy for the Blind Brook Board of Education.

    As a retired Blind Brook teacher (who taught here for 25 years) and a current Rye Brook resident, I have a balanced picture of the issues our district faces. So does Jeff.

  • I write this letter in support of Joseph Lodato for one of the two open seats on the Port Chester Board of Education.

  • I’d like to encourage the voters of the Port Chester School District to support Joseph Lodato for a position on the Board of Education. 

  • Another school board election? Another opportunity for Peter Schlactus to pontificate in the Westmore News. He states, "...Board members seemed so self-assured and spoke as if they had all the answers."

  • We are writing this letter to support the candidacy of Thomas Corbia for the Port Chester Board of Education. Mr. Corbia would bring 40 years of educational experience to the Board of Ed. Tom has served the Village of Port Chester as a Port Chester Housing Commissioner and the Port Chester public schools in a variety of classroom as well as coaching positions. 
  • I am writing as a Port Chester resident and as a representative of an educational performing arts institution to voice my support for re-electing Bob Johnson to the Board of Education. As a high school chemistry teacher and drama director, Bob Johnson has a broad and practical insider perspective of the science classroom, the theater and the educational institution as a whole. 
  • I am writing this letter to offer my endorsement for Bob Johnson to another term on the Port Chester School Board. The board acts as a body, but whether as a trustee or as president, Bob Johnson has also shown the leadership and vision this school district desperately needs. 

  • Over the last several years I decided to take more of an interest in the events of our village. In that participation of working for serious, productive change, I had the privilege of working alongside Tom Corbia. Tom has a very rich background of accomplishments, most of which are in teaching and working as an administrator for 40 years.

  • Eight years ago my husband and I decided to move to Rye Brook. Although we didn't have any children then, I was already teaching at Blind Brook and knew this community was the right match for us. The students were lovely, the school administration was supportive and, most of all, the teachers were dedicated and conscientious.

  • Reporter’s Notebook: A truly money-fueled Congressional campaign

    See that dining table awash in fliers for Democratic Congressional candidate Jon Ossoff?

    That’s part of what more than $8.3 million (raised as of Apr. 5, 2017) will get you in what is probably the most expensive Congressional race in Georgia history and a national record for an amount raised in a single quarter for any Congressional campaign in history. 

  • I wonder if anyone else has agonized about running for the School Board like my wife, Jennifer, has over the past nine months. Her hesitancy about running for office, however, shows just why she deserves your support. 

  • Not only have I been friends with Jen Schlactus for well over a decade, I’ve also had the privilege of working by her side on many occasions. I can say without hesitation that when Jen talks about “Putting Our Kids First” it’s not just a campaign slogan; it’s her guiding philosophy. 

  • am writing to announce my candidacy for the Blind Brook Board of Education.

    A resident since 1996 together with my wife, Fern, and my two sons, Blake and Spencer, in two months I will no longer be a parent of a Blind Brook student.
  • It is with great enthusiasm that I write to support the candidacy of Jennifer Schlactus for the Blind Brook Board of Education.

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