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  • Village Crier: Signs of Port Chester

    Since the weather has warmed up, I’ve started walking to work and other places in Port Chester. It’s good for my health and I listen to all sorts of podcasts on my iPhone. When I drive around town, I miss a lot of things. Now that I’m walking, I’ve had time to enjoy the village scenery but have also noticed several things that don’t seem right, specifically signage.

  • A plan to construct a four-story residential building with 24 dwelling units at 25 South Regent St. is on next week’s Port Chester Planning Commission agenda. 
  • No details yet, but word has it that a proposal is coming down the pike to raze the long-failing office building at 900 King St. and build senior housing on the site. 
  • Dick Hubert: Reporter’s Notebook: Speaking to Pakistan, on short notice

    My e-mail box and Facebook Messenger alerts got unusually active last Tuesday afternoon with a stunning request.

  • The Port Chester Partnership for Schools and Community would like to extend its congratulations to the Port Chester High School class of 2017. Congratulations on representing the best of Port Chester and we wish you well as you enter the next stage of your life.

  • Beautiful People: Veterans of the Village of Port Chester

    The Port Chester Beautification Commission honors the veterans of the Village of Port Chester for the month of June.

  • Dick Hubert: Reporter’s Notebook  Protecting yourself even when the door is locked and the alarm is on

    I started writing this column and covering the local courts (among other subjects) because a reader demanded of the Westmore News that it stop publishing the police reports, which made him uneasy. He preferred to read about an ideal community on the hill with no problems and no punishable offenses. 

  • Dick Hubert: Reporter’s Notebook: Mejia pleads guilty; accepts 8-month jail term plea bargain

    Erick Mejia celebrated his 21st birthday Monday, June 5. On Wednesday, he got a “Stay Out of Jail” card good until at least Aug. 30. 

  • As clergy of Jewish and Christian houses of worship in Rye Brook and Port Chester, we join our voices to affirm both the divine image of the human being and the call to love all neighbors. 
  • For 30 years, Westchester County officials, Republicans and Democrats, have fought against airport expansion. 
  • What does the American flag mean to me? I never thought about it seriously. It was just taken for granted as are many of our wonderful and unique freedoms.

  • Dick Hubert's Reporter’s Notebook: A New York State Assembly horror story

    Full disclosure. Up front.

    I am a big fan of our New York State Assemblyman, Democrat Steve Otis.
  • It is certainly wonderful to live in a free country where we can write a letter to a local newspaper and expect to see it in print as long as the facts are true, and we know that many letters will express opinions entirely different from our own—that’s fine.

  • In honor of our great nation, the Port Chester–Rye Brook–Town of Rye Independence Day Observance Committee will present the 70th annual gala evening of awards, entertainment, and fireworks on Tuesday, July 4, 2017. This event will take place at Port Chester High School’s Ryan Stadium starting at 7:45 p.m.

  • In January 2016, the Town Board of the Town of Rye established the Task Force on Assessment Practices and Procedures (the “Task Force”) to undertake a review of the assessment functions of the Town of Rye and to make findings and recommendations to the Town Board regarding how its approximately 11,000 parcels are managed.

  • On behalf of the Port Chester Partnership for Schools & Community (PCPSC), it is important to remind the residents of Port Chester that this group, formed earlier this year in its quest to promote the vital School Capital Project (aka the “Bond”), continues its advocacy both for our district’s schools and our community. The Mission Statement of the PCPSC is as follows:

  • A heartfelt thank you to all those who came out and voted for the school budget and board of education candidates. Congratulations to Anne Capeci for winning her ninth election.
  • On March 26, 2017 our son Joe passed away. A beloved son, brother, fireman, cousin, nephew and friend. As Rick, Danny and I are forced to live our lives down a difficult path, we keep repeating to ourselves, “no words,” just “no words” for what has happened. 
  • This is a wonderful and true story about the sacrifices endured by our brave men to gain our freedom during World War II. It appeared originally in "In The Eye of the Storm" by Max Lucado. Please pass it on and share it with your family this Memorial Day.
  • Port Chester’s two elections this year have followed patterns eerily similar to those of November 2016. As with the national elections, conservative candidates in Port Chester have ridden to victory on a wave of long-simmering anger from voters who felt that elected representatives had not been listening to their concerns.

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