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  • The Port Chester school bond will be going before the voters on Mar. 28, and as we all know, the last bond was defeated. People who voted against that bond and who plan to vote against this bond should realize that many changes being made to the schools MUST be made. 
  • Letter: Let’s Huddle together
    On Saturday, Feb. 11, an energetic group of 60 (we expected 40!) gathered at Community Synagogue of Rye for our first Huddle. Huddle is an offshoot of the Women’s March on Washington, with the stated mission to “…gather together in our neighborhoods all over the world to define our next steps, and envision how to transform the energy we saw at Women’s Marches into local and national action.”
  • On Mar. 21, 2017, I will cast my vote for Fritz Falanka for mayor of Port Chester. Mr. Falanka has the passion and dedication to take a project from start to finish and see it through to completion with a high regard of integrity to ensure it is done properly and well executed. 

  • I’m writing this letter in support of the Port Chester school bond. I understand that this bond proposal affects people in different ways and that there is no easy answer. With that said, I do ask that everyone speak to a current Port Chester student and hear from them what they are going through day in and day out. 
  • It is an honor to give my support and wish my friend Fritz Falanka much success in the upcoming election on Mar. 21, 2017. I have known Fritz for many years now and I know how concerned he is about our community.

  • My children and I recently made Port Chester our home. The people here have been welcoming and kind, but very smart and savvy as well. Having lived and worked in Westchester most of my life, it is not surprising to see political and philosophical divisions here, too – especially around issues like taxes.

  • Two months ago the international news magazine The Economist published the results of the 2015 testing of 540,000 15-year-olds from across the world in reading, math and science - the so-called PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) exam.

  • My name is Albert Wesley and I was on the Bond Advisory Committee and presently am a member of the PC Partnership for Schools. I am 69 years old and that makes me a “senior citizen.” 
  • Our American values established the public school system to educate our children so that their generation can do better than ours. There are current residents educated by Port Chester schools who speak about their pride and caring for those years. 
  • In November, a swastika was found on the Bronx River Parkway jogging path. Local leaders from around the county, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, LGBT, Latino, African-American, Asian-American, youth leaders, and local law enforcement, came together to find solutions. 
  • Well, folks, here we go again. It’s the school bond revisited, but this time it’s almost double what was proposed last year and I’m sure everyone has read or heard about it. There have been other bond proposals submitted to the Superintendent of Schools which would have cost a lot less but were rejected again, the same as last year. This year we are asked to vote on this ginormous bond on Mar. 28.
  • Rye Town has the most fantastic public beach along the entire Sound Shore. Whether you are a permit holder or a day tripper who pays exorbitant daily fees, the attendance at Oakland Beach is proof that many people in Westchester agree.
  • Next month, we’ll have two very important elections in Port Chester. The first, on Mar. 21, will be to elect a new mayor. Since our current mayor, Dennis Pilla, has decided not to run for another term, we have our current trustee, Greg Adams, running against Fritz Falanka. 
  • My friends, over the past couple of months the school board has been putting together a new construction bond for our schools. For months we of the Taxpayers Alliance Group have been trying to get the board to bring in a compromise plan, but they have stubbornly refused to do so.

  • As the Republican and Independence Parties' candidate for Mayor of the Village of Port Chester, I would like to state some of the reasons why I am running for office.

  • There are so many reasons to support this school bond, including the list of repairs or improvements it will make to our insufficient facilities. If these problems were occurring in our own homes, most of us would say, “We need to fix this!” Why should we then accept it in our schools? 

  • Dick Hubert: Reporter’s Notebook

    At the time of publication of this column, I will be in Singapore at the beginning of a sojourn to this Asia-Pacific first world country, with a set-aside to visit our longtime friend and military partner, Australia. 

  • Letter: Making lemonade when life gives you lemons
    I enjoyed reading the columns from Jordan Lewis and Carin Zakes in last week’s Westmore News. In particular, Ms. Zakes’ words resonated with me. I attended the Women’s March in New York City and experienced very much the same feelings that Ms. Zakes expressed in her letter.
  • Proceedings in Rye Town Civil Court can break your heart.

    Take last Tuesday morning.

  • I recently served on the Port Chester Board of Education (BOE) Bond Advisory Committee (BAC) charged with developing a districtwide, need-based plan for capital improvements. 
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