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  • Beautiful People: Bob Vitti

    Question: Who in Port Chester knows Robert C. Vitti?

    Answer: Any Port Chester student, former or current that has picked up a musical instrument.

  • Reporter’s Notebook: Australia - Dear old friend with striking new problems

    We have been on a two-week side trip to Australia from Singapore, and besides my wonderful meetings with kangaroos, koalas, and thoroughly friendly Australians (our country’s absolute 100% best friends in the world), I have had plenty of time to think about a topic near and dear to all of us…legal and illegal immigration.

  • Committed to the idea that each person is created in the Divine Image, we, the undersigned Rye, Port Chester, Harrison and Rye Brook religious leaders, stand united against the recent spate of anti-Semitic acts carried out locally and around the nation.

  • I have received the village manager’s line item budget for 2017-2018.

  • With Monday, Mar. 20 being the first day of Spring 2017, it is time to start cleaning up! The Port Chester Dog Park Group along with Bowling Together will be holding a cleanup day at Abendroth Park (including the Port Chester Dog Park) on Saturday, Apr. 1 from 10 a.m.-12 p.m.

  • I would like to thank the people of Port Chester for electing me as their next mayor. It will be nothing short of an honor and a privilege to once again serve the community that I was born and raised in and hold so dear to my heart.

  • From Our Editor: Elect Richard ‘Fritz’ Falanka for mayor to lead P.C. through tough times ahead

    When Richard “Fritz” Falanka retired from the Village of Port Chester after 29 years in 2006, he dreamed of one day being elected mayor of the village where he was born, raised, graduated from high school and worked his entire life. At age 72, he decided the time was finally right. He was tired of seeing projects stagnating and not getting completed. Maybe he could make a difference. We think he can.

  • Letter: PCHS student urges you to vote ‘yes’

    My name is Reanna Rosenfeld, and I am a junior at Port Chester High School. I will not experience the benefits and improvements that the upcoming bond proposal would create because I will have already graduated. However, this bond is essential for younger students.

  • On Mar. 28 once again we will have an opportunity to vote against a bond of mammoth proportions. On Dec. 22, 2015, we voted against a $42 million bond and only you know the reason. The Taxpayer Alliance Group (TAG) gave you a dozen reasons to vote "no." 
  • I am a lifelong resident of Port Chester and Rye Brook and a retired high school teacher of humanities and theatre arts after a 40-year career in that profession.

  • Where the Alliance is buoyed by the inclusion of 36 apartments in the Starwood United Hospital project, we think it’s a stretch to claim them as “affordable workforce” housing. Although the Village staff and consultants called for a deeper level of affordability, the Board decided that the units should be priced for families earning 80% of Area Median Income (AMI) for the County.
  • Well, folks, I’m not going to rehash all that’s been written about this bond. You know how much more it will cost you when it’s time to write that check twice a year. Talking about it and complaining doesn’t help. Tell your friends and neighbors they have to get out there and vote. Every vote matters. 

  • I have worked in the school district for over 34 years. You can say that I am a true blue, lifelong Port Chester resident who believes Port Chester is a great place to live and a place where children can have a great educational experience.

  • Well, let me tell you about me and why I got involved. I'm a third generation of Italian immigrants from the 1880's and a resident of Port Chester. Mom and Dad were born in PC during the 1920's and got married right after the war. Mom worked at Life Savers and Dad worked at RB&W. In that time, my parents raised six boys: Ron, Robert, Bruce, Brian, Sal and finally me, Keith. 
  • Like so many others, I was born and raised in Port Chester by parents and grandparents who were proud to call Port Chester home. And now, I too have decided to raise my children here. I am excited for my girls to share in many of the same amazing experiences that I had growing up in Port Chester, but, like every generation before me, I also want more for my children. 

  • Fellow taxpayers, on Mar. 28 you will be asked to vote on the latest bond proposal put forth by the board of education. I am baffled by their judgment. Last year they proposed a $45 million bond which was soundly defeated. So what do they do this year? They raise it to $80 million. 
  • I attended the last board of education meeting on Tuesday, Mar. 7. I was both shocked and dismayed at BAC member Steve Simmons' speech. While many speakers that night praised the recent success of the cheerleaders in Florida, Mr. Simmons was the only speaker to stoop to a record low level, to further the cause of passing the proposed $80 million bond. 
  • I am writing in response to the upcoming school bond vote set for Mar. 28. I wholeheartedly support the bond and hope that my fellow residents of Port Chester and Rye Brook do as well. 

  • Who lives in Port Chester? There are the fancy neighborhoods where perhaps 15% of the population lives; yet in most parts of town people own 2-, 3-, 4- and more-family homes. I doubt that this is because the owners get lonely. More likely it is that they cannot afford to live in a single-family home. Illegal apartments abound.

  • We are Port Chester high school students who strongly believe that the proposed school bond should be passed. This is not simply an issue about the raising of taxes, the esthetics or history of a building, or even political views—this is about the future of Port Chester youth and the ability for us to realize our dreams and become successful in life. 

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