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  • Village Crier: Carpet your lawn and you’ll never have to mow

    I was out to dinner with friends and was told of an interesting sight on Quintard Drive. I live there but never drive or walk that way from my house. I seem to always head toward King Street. So I took a trip the other way down the street and came across this house that has bright green indoor/outdoor carpeting laid the width of the property between the front yard fence and the curb.

  • Let me start off by saying the Editor’s Note that followed Mr. Hubert’s “opinion” piece in the Feb. 9, 2018 edition of the Westmore News is a start by your paper. Now it’s time to get more correct information out to the public in your paper.

  • Credit is due to reporters Mark Lungariello and Christopher J. Eberhart of Gannett’s flagship newspaper in this region, the White Plains-based Journal News, for breaking a series of stories on the Port Chester Fire Department (PCFD). 

  • Now that the Middle School bond has failed, the Port Chester Board of Education has to develop a Plan B. My suggestion is to repurpose the $80 million bond to include the Middle School repairs by eliminating the King Street School project from the bond. 
  • In Line with Caroline: It’s the prom – own it!

    With prom just a few months away, the hunt is on for the perfect formal wear as seniors look to dress to impress on the big night. “This season, it’s all about glamour – and expressing your own prom style,” says New York fashion maven Katrina Szish. “In other words, own it!”

  • Rye Brook and Blind Brook taxpayers have a lot on their minds these days – but getting hit with $6.2 million in tax refunds to Doral Conference Center Associates and Reckson Operating Partnership has yet to lead to anguished screams at Village, School Board, and lest we forget, Town of Rye public meetings.

  • Recently, an article in the Westmore News identified the Port Chester Schools as the "only district in Westchester County, excluding major cities, susceptible to fiscal stress." 
  • Back in September of 2017, I wrote a letter to this newspaper about my opposition to gun shows at the County Center. I was running for County Legislator at the time, and I promised that, if elected, I would work to ensure that gun shows would not be held on county-owned property. 
  • In recent weeks I have received many emails and phone calls from residents who have complained about problems they have been experiencing with the postal service. 
  • I am voting for the $12.5 million safety bond the Port Chester School District is putting up for a vote on Tuesday, Feb. 6. However, I won’t be surprised if it doesn’t pass.

  • Letter: Port Chester website should advertise village’s dog park

    How many parks are located in Port Chester? I ask because if one was to go to the Village website, it appears that we only have three (Lyon Park, Joseph Curtis Recreation Park and Veterans Memorial Park).

  • In his recent Letter to the Editor (Jan. 19, 2018), Dr. Richard Buzin called for new legislation requiring school district and village commercial tax certiorari settlements to be approved by their respective Boards of Trustees and that they be immediately informed by the Town of Rye of any certiorari requests. 
  • I am sick and tired of Dick Hubert bashing the Port Chester Volunteer Fire Department. I have two questions for Mr. Hubert and Rye Brook Village Administrator Chris Bradbury: 1) Can either of you tell me the real reason why Rural/Metro Fire Department was fired? 
  • Investigative reporter, editorial opinion writer and now fire department expert (just as he was with the Blind Brook BOE), Dick Hubert seems to be wearing a number of hats in your organization. Given the amount of space you’ve given him in the past five months, I do not doubt he’s also a person who you want to continue to be part of your paper’s opinion and editorial board. 
  • One of Rye Brook Village Administrator Chris Bradbury’s great civic values is his long-term familiarity with the Village, its problems and its challenges. 
  • Letter: How immigrants from Haiti helped the thirteen colonies
    Recently, a very high level federal government official, who shall remain unnamed, allegedly made some unbelievably insulting remarks about the nations of Haiti, El Salvador, and the entire continent of Africa, questioning why we should want the inhabitants of these nations as immigrants in the United States. 
  • My fellow taxpayers, on the eve of yet another bond proposition, where we the taxpayers are supposed to bail out the present administration, I just want to share some information with you.

  • Let me start by stating a few facts about the current school bond that is being proposed for the Port Chester Middle School. 
  • Taxpayers, home and commercial property owners, now is the time to unite and come together to show this Board of Education and Central Office Administration that you have had enough of the runaway spending and mismanagement of our money. 
  • The middle school bond is an emergency repair bond. The original bond is for space for the overcrowded schools, especially the high school. 
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