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  • After reading about Seth Hartman and Noah Broch’s bicycle ride across our country, we wanted to share our admiration for these two incredible men. Their bravery and fearlessness are commendable and something we don’t often see in many young people these days. 
  • In 2003, the Port Chester Village Board established an Affordable Housing Subcommittee to work with Port Chester Residents for Affordable Housing (PCRAH) to develop new affordable/workforce housing guidelines for the Village. 
  • As a self-defined pizza aficionado (like Jean Adrover, I would eat it three or four times a week if my wife would let me), I cannot resist commenting on your fascinating survey of pizzerias in Port Chester and Rye Brook. I too enjoy the thin-crust grilled pizza at Coals, but feel that it is so different from the basic pizza concept.
  • Port Chester continues to be an amazing community. I wanted to make a public thank you to the Tamarack Tower Foundation on behalf of all the Port Chester schools. For those of you who don’t know, Tamarack Tower allocates grants annually to each of the schools.
  • This letter will be forwarded to all the members of the Port Chester Bond Advisory Committee. Tom Ceruzzi and I, co-founders of the Taxpayers Alliance Group, want to set the record straight before the Advisory Committee begins. 
  • I have just completed an initial review of the Starwood FEIS dated July 2016. The Appendix contains a copy of my letters to the Westmore News and a transcript of my comments at the May 24, 2016 public hearing. The FEIS is required to respond to all comments made in writing and at public hearings. The July 25 FEIS is not complete because it failed to respond at all to my May letter or adequately to my public hearing comments.

  • As a follow-up to Boswell’s presentation regarding the different options for the waterfront and bulkhead redesign, some members of the Bulkhead Steering Committee had an opportunity to meet at Village Hall on Aug. 3 to finalize key recommendations. We ask that the village board considers these recommendations before plans are submitted to the Department of State. 

  • For the past three years I have been studying communications at the University of Rhode Island. I returned to Port Chester this summer for an internship in New York City. After spending some time downtown and speaking with friends and fellow commuters, I am constantly hearing the same thing
  • The environmental review process for the redevelopment of the United Hospital should not go forward until Starwood agrees to complete a more thorough study of the project’s potential impacts on downtown small businesses. Thus far, Starwood has taken far too blasé an approach to the effects the project could have on one of our community’s most vital assets. 

  • Beautiful People: Celia Meloni

    When Celia Meloni was five years old, she started noodling on a piano in her home. “I’m not even sure why the piano was there. Nobody was using it. I guess it was meant for me!” And a little girl’s love of music was born. 

  • I just felt the need to respond to the letter in last week’s Westmore News entitled “Lyon Park Concert Schedule Disappointing.” I want to let everyone know how the committee works. 

  • Thank you to Hope Klein for all her hard work in making sure the Port Chester-Town of Rye, Rye Brook fireworks program was a success. Even though she ran into several obstacles, she managed to put a beautiful program together.

  • I am sad to see that some of my favorite local groups are no longer on the Lyon Park concert schedule. How do they pick these bands? Does a committee watch videos of them or go see them perform? Billy and the Showmen and Gunsmoke have been performing for years and got a good crowd.

  • I am writing in response to the letters regarding the reorganization of the administration at Blind Brook.

    I have not seen this much hysteria since the high school staged “The Crucible,” a play about the Salem witch trials. How apropos!

  • As stated in the story in last week’s paper, the Port Chester school district’s foundation aid was “severely shorted.” So what does the school board do? They hire three “social workers.”

  • The battle between some Blind Brook parents and the Blind Brook (BB) School Board cries out for more in-depth information on the parents’ complaints. Hence my compliments to Westmore News reporter Casey Watts a few issues ago for creating a spreadsheet chart to show that Blind Brook had the lowest counselor-to-student ratios of any of the “comparable” school districts...


  • Our police are taken for granted

    Like so many things that are good

    They don’t get the thanks and praise

    That they really should

  • Over 800,000 children in New York and New Jersey will attend day or overnight camp this summer. Through these programs, they will gain a competitive edge over children who don’t go to camp. You may be wondering how it’s possible that spending a couple of weeks at camp going swimming, doing archery and playing sports will make your child more successful than those who don’t. Allow me to make the case for camp and the value of the traditional camp experience for your child.

  • Thank you to all who attended Solidarity Saturday on June 18. Solidarity Saturday was held at the African American Cemetery in Rye for the purpose of calling attention to the desecration of the flags at the gravesites of over 30 veterans interned there.  Almost 100 community members from all over Westchester County attended to show support for the historic nature of the site and outrage at the unforgiveable act perpetrated.

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