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  • Do you want a column in the Westmore News like this one?

    It’s easy.

    Just present yourself and your credentials to Jananne Abel, the Westmore News editor, and tell her you are willing to report on cases in the Rye Town and Port Chester Courts, for free, as a public service.
  • By now, I'm sure you've heard or read about the old and now the new Port Chester school bond proposal. There's not a day that goes by where I don’t see or hear so many inaccuracies about the bond. I was part of the citizens’ committee that the Board of Education formed at the request of the public after last year's bond failed. Here are the facts:

  • While I hope that I am wrong, don't hold your breath thinking that the Port Chester Board of Education will consider lowering the Bond Advisory Committee's nearly $80 million recommendation. 
  • The Port Chester Board of Education has been hard at work trying to convince the taxpaying citizens of Port Chester that an expense of around $75 to $80 million to enhance and expand our schools is within reach and would be a great accomplishment for our village and schools.

  • The greatest failure of government administrators charged with developing affordable housing has been their inability to think outside the box. They fail to challenge core laws and principles as part of a needed solution, believing them as sacrosanct. 
  • The Village Crier: Priorities
    Port Chester Village Board Priorities
  • Although the Amnesty Program has expired, the horrors that went with it still remain. Now they are even worse, because the lesser fees and fines went with it. I have been fighting against the misnamed program that brought a lot of misery to many homeowners in our village, causing many to lose their homes.
  • I commend the Port Chester Board of Education (BOE) for their positive perseverance. After the last bond failure, few held out hope than any new bond, however proposed, would ever get off the ground. Not only are we in a brand new moment, we now have before us a unique proposal crafted by a true cross-section of villagers which includes senior citizens...
  • Guatemalan immigrant Erick Mejia’s superintendent’s hearing after his arrest for carrying 19 bags of cocaine in his backpack on Port Chester High School property was on Monday, but no one except Mejia and close relatives – not even the 20-year-old’s fellow students and members of his senior class - will know formally how it turned out.

  • We are writing this letter with heavy hearts. On Dec. 29, 2016, our nephew Salvatore Brescia was the tow truck driver working for Vincent’s Garage who was killed on I-95 in Harrison by a hit and run driver. Sal’s funeral was on Jan. 3, 2017. Sal’s funeral was on Jan. 3, 2017. Eight different police departments came to assist in his funeral procession.
  • In a few short weeks the Port Chester Board of Education will decide on a new bond proposal. The Bond Advisory Committee overwhelmingly by a vote of 20-2 gave its recommendation.  As we all know, the amount came to a hair under $80 million.
  • Once again the Port Chester Schools are attempting to pass a bond to make needed improvements to our schools to accommodate our village’s continued population growth. While every resident will have the opportunity to vote for or against this project, it’s important that every resident has access to solid and factual information and that voting decisions aren’t influenced by false rumors, speculation, or intentional disinformation.
  • Beautiful People: Blanca Lopez
    Born in Lima, Peru, Blanca Lopez immigrated to the U.S. at the tender age of eight years old. It goes without saying that immigrants are some of the most vulnerable members of our society. 
  • The Bond Advisory Committee (BAC) was comprised of a diversified group of 30 residents of the Port Chester School District ages 25 through 70+. 
  • It is my intention to try to let all of the residents of Port Chester know what is happening in our village that might impact our quality of life if we are not alert enough to stop it. 
  • The Freelance Retort:The Christmas Ball Diaries
    And so begins “The Little Red Christmas Ball,” my new book which is—as the subtitle proclaims—a story for kids and anyone whoever was...and would be again.

    So, pretty much least I hope.

  • This nation always has incidents of hate, bias and discrimination. Mostly these are isolated and often they are anonymous like the swastika painted on a Rye Brook street in 2010. 
  • Across almost every community in America, there is growing concern about the distrust that exists between police officers and the teenagers living in neighborhoods they patrol. Too many phone videos followed by protests and even riots corroborate this unseemly truth. 
  • Here we go again, fellow taxpayers. It’s almost one year to the day that the informed residents of Port Chester soundly defeated the worst bond proposal ever presented. So, what is the school board doing next? 
  • It seems that the Board of Education is not paying attention to what the taxpayers of Port Chester have been saying. In the Westmore News last Friday, Nancy Donahue, who is a member of the Alliance Group, wrote a very polite letter telling the Board of Education what they should be doing about the problem we have with the need for more classrooms and a few other problems. 
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