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  • Rye Brook’s Doral Arrowwood: Action central for Hillary Clinton’s debate prep

    For months, I have been trudging from my home at Doral Greens across the adjacent parking lot and down the hill to the gym and swimming pool facilities at the Doral Arrowwood Hotel and Conference Center for my daily workout, and for months, around Democratic primary debate times, there, on the way down the hill, were Secret Service agents in their vans and cars keeping track of Hillary Clinton.


  • Why would the idea of building another school not be a good idea? As a recent graduate from Port Chester High School, I’ve experienced the horror of walking down those halls. With only four minutes to get to class, it was a race against the clock to make it before the bell. It was like being at the Olympics weaving through all the kids standing in the middle of the halls.
  • The following list of hopeful changes and suggestions to the amnesty program was presented by me to the Port Chester Board of Trustees at their Sept. 18 meeting. Our mayor said the code department is working on some changes and will make a report at the next meeting. Let’s pray that the changes will be very beneficial to all of the taxpayers of Port Chester.
  • On Sept. 10 of last week, the Baby Boomers of Grant Street lost our·last Grant Street "mom." Elna Numme Barrese was not only a close friend, but a big sister in many ways. She was in the club of raising all of us overlooking Abendroth Park (which was our "day camp" in the summer), but she joined all of the other moms on our blessed street by participating in the mothering of us all. 

  • The Taxpayer Alliance Group not only welcomed but fully expected a response to our previous two letters to the editor of the Westmore News. Whether our opponents, like Mr. Reis, or any of the others who subscribe to the spend at all cost and are friends of a few members of this current Board of Education, realize it or not, they unwittingly further our purpose. 
  • Guess who is celebrating a one-year anniversary?! The Port Chester Dog Park is! We are all so excited that the Dog Park has been so well-attended and is such a hit.

  • I have wonderful news for all voters in Rye Brook, Port Chester and throughout the 37th New York State Senate District.

    A whip smart, community dedicated, energetic and just flat out sensational woman has decided to challenge George Latimer and bring her talent and insights to battle against the corrupt old boys’ network of jaded politicians in Albany

  • An upcoming item on the Port Chester Board of Trustees’ agenda epitomizes why community frustration prevails due to Port Chester’s inability to tackle the tough problems facing them. Our Mayor and Board’s leadership in prioritizing goals and allocating resources has identified a serious problem that required legislation to fix.
  • Starwood is proposing the largest multi-family development in the Port Chester’s history with no affordable/workforce housing set-aside even though they have forced out all of the tenants in the existing affordable/workforce housing at 999 High St. 
  • School started last week for students across New York. My 8th grade ELA students got acclimated with a lesson on how to make effective judgments and conclusions. Keen observations and fact-based inquiry must precede judgment. Doing the reverse could lead to hasty and reckless assumptions. Regarding last week’s opinion letter, “Against hiring more staff for Port Chester,” the authors fall short in this vein. I
  • On Friday, Sept. 2, I received my copy of the Westmore News. In that issue the superintendent speaks of overcrowding and our loss of revenue. As I read further, I see that we just hired more staff. What’s going on here? We lose money and yet we continue to hire more people.

  • On behalf of the American Cancer Society, we’d like to thank the many local towns and cities for their generosity and support of Relay For Life this year.This year, 692 teams participated at one of 19 Relay For Life events in Westchester and Rockland this spring, raising just over $1.4 million.

  • In just two months, we will be going to the polls to elect a new president of the United States. Every legal American should do their civic duty and head to the polls on Nov. 8 to vote. This election is probably one of the most important elections of all times. 
  • My name is Jennifer Schlactus, and I will be running for a seat on the Blind Brook Board of Education this May. My husband Peter and I have been living at 80 BelleFair Road since April of 2001. 
  • Beautiful People: Jack Guinta
    No one can ever accuse Jack Guinta of being a quitter. In fact, it is quite the opposite. From the time he was a child growing up in Port Chester, Jack practiced a tireless work ethic that has lasted until his recent retirement at the young age of 87. And Jack Guinta is a household word in our community. 
  • Letter: PCHS Marching Band thanks community
    A big shout out to the Port Chester/Rye Brook community for the overwhelming support this past weekend. The kids from the Port Chester High School Marching Band took to the streets for their Annual Band Booster Drive and collected around $8,500. 
  • After reading about Seth Hartman and Noah Broch’s bicycle ride across our country, we wanted to share our admiration for these two incredible men. Their bravery and fearlessness are commendable and something we don’t often see in many young people these days. 
  • In 2003, the Port Chester Village Board established an Affordable Housing Subcommittee to work with Port Chester Residents for Affordable Housing (PCRAH) to develop new affordable/workforce housing guidelines for the Village. 
  • As a self-defined pizza aficionado (like Jean Adrover, I would eat it three or four times a week if my wife would let me), I cannot resist commenting on your fascinating survey of pizzerias in Port Chester and Rye Brook. I too enjoy the thin-crust grilled pizza at Coals, but feel that it is so different from the basic pizza concept.
  • Port Chester continues to be an amazing community. I wanted to make a public thank you to the Tamarack Tower Foundation on behalf of all the Port Chester schools. For those of you who don’t know, Tamarack Tower allocates grants annually to each of the schools.

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