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  • In Line with Caroline: Why so many local teens no longer want summer jobs
    Who knew that I was part of a vanishing breed? By signing up to be a camp counselor, I bucked a national trend, the slow death of the summer job. 
  • Village Crier: To cross or not to cross
    Do you remember when the traffic light was broken for an extended period at the corner of Regent Street and Glen Avenue? It was out for a long time with only red stop signs to restrict traffic flow. 
  • Beautiful People: Ricky Marini
    The Port Chester Beautification Commission honors Ricky Marini, owner of Marini's Deli, as the Beautiful Person for the month of August.
  • After reading Tom Ceruzzi’s letter in the Westmore News last Friday about the terrible problems that face Port Chester, and knowing they were true, I was very concerned. 
  • As July gives way to August and the back to school commercials start running, it is a perfect time to talk about our school district again.

  • From our Editor: Fritz makes things happen
    When he was running for office earlier this year, Port Chester Mayor Richard “Fritz” Falanka said he had always been a doer and as mayor wanted to continue that legacy of accomplishment. 
  • President Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Village of Rye Brook, and the Blind Brook School District jointly and enthusiastically support the same anti-drug education program, DARE.

  • Having had recent surgery, I was out of action for a while, but fortunately I am recovering well. In the past few weeks there have been letters in this paper from people who are affiliated with the group Sustainable Port Chester.
  • Problem solved!
    Two weeks ago, Danielle Coiffeurs owner Connie Catalano complained about the materials and equipment the contractor replacing the gas lines for Con Edison left in front of her shop on North Pearl Street. 
  • Village Crier: Lyon or Lyons? Let’s get it right

    This week’s column will have a Lyon Park theme.

    A pet peeve of both my wife’s and mine is the name of the public park bordered by King Street, Putnam Avenue and Parkway Drive in Port Chester. 
  • In Line with Caroline: Tips for a perfect day at the beach
    There is nothing more relaxing than a day at the beach. So why let anything get in the way of the glorious feeling of the sand between your toes, the sunshine on your face, and the sound of the waves lapping at the shore? 
  • First, I want to thank County Legislator David Gelfarb for taking a strong and independent stance against airport privatization. (Journal News, 7-21-2017.) 
  • Thank you to everyone who attended the first legal clinic sponsored by the Sustainable Port Chester Alliance. 
  • Village Crier: Horses ran away
    Last week I wrote about a note and a photo I received from a reader about Con Ed safety horses that had been left on Poplar Street since November. 
  • Village Crier: Blocks welcome?

    On my walks to work heading down King Street, I have seen a sign for the Presbyterian Church that perplexes me.

  • Dick Hubert: Reporter’s Notebook  Chicago’s challenge to Port Chester, Blind Brook, New York and the nation

    I was having a quiet July 4th when I read, digitally, the front page of the Washington Post print edition, and had, figuratively, my socks blown off by this mind-bending news: in 2020, the City of Chicago will start requiring each of its 381,000 students to have a confirmed life plan – or fail to get their high school diploma.

  • I’ve lived in our little village since 1982 in a wonderful little neighborhood near Port Chester High School. Of course, there have been ebbs and flows over the years and it is so easy to complain about that which makes us unhappy. So I want to take this opportunity to praise Port Chester on several accounts.

  • I didn’t attend the Board of Trustees meeting on July 17, but I did watch it at home. I was shocked to see that something that I thought was a dead issue came up again at least twice at the meeting. The ugly head of a bad issue reared itself into the dialogue of a couple of trustees. I don’t know if many of our residents heard it, but it is going to be a bad issue again if true.

  • We would like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to some of our finest. In today’s day and age, many people are the first to complain and the last to say, “You did a great job!”

  • Letter: Hairdresser wants some answers

    I’m the owner of Dannielle Coiffeurs at 25 North Pearl St. I have had the business for 48 years, which is open only three days a week, from Thursday through Saturday.

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