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  • Updated: Port Chester resident recognized as Mount Rushmore’s chief carver

    The only classically trained stone carver in the tradition of Michelangelo who worked on Mount Rushmore wasn’t officially named the South Dakota monument’s chief carver until almost 50 years after his death.

    Luigi Del Bianco was a mystery to his grandson Lou, who only knew his grandfather for five or six years before he died. 
  • Salvation Army rings in the holiday season

    Port Chester resident Dakota Davis stands on the sidewalk on Westchester Avenue near its intersection with North Main Street and rings a bell to collect donations for the Salvation Army. Many of these bell ringers can be seen on sidewalks and in front of businesses during the holidays.

  • Bottling the spirit of New York

    Two local brewery owners prefer to fly under the radar, which is why their Port Chester base doesn’t even have a sign above the door.

    Noah Braunstein, 32, and Yoni Rabino, 31, of Neversink Spirits at 33 New Broad St. grew up with fond childhood memories of apple picking in nearby orchards. Add in the love for traditional European fruit brandy and eau de vie (clear, colorless fruit brandy translated to “water of life”) combined with two backgrounds in science from McGill and Wesleyan universities, and Neversink Spirits was born.
  • I am from the fancy plates in the cabinet

    From Clorox and Dawn

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