Abe Baker-Butler
Abe Baker-Butler
Blind Brook Middle School sixth-grader Abe Baker-Butler qualified to compete at the New York National Geographic Bee on the state level. After having won the Blind Brook Middle School National Geographic Bee in January, Abe took a qualifying written exam and was one of the top 100 scorers in the state who competed at the state championship in Albany on Apr. 4. This was Abe's second year advancing to the state bee, which is open to New York students in grades 5-8.

At the school-level bee this year, students had to answer such questions as:

1.From its source in Minnesota, the Mississippi River flows south about 2,300 miles before emptying into what large gulf?

2. A subspecies of brown bear known as the Kodiak bear takes its common name from an island that lies off the southern coast of what state?

3. The Danakil Depression, located in part of the Great Rift Valley, is one of the lowest points on which continent?

4. What is the term for the triangular deposit of sediment sometimes found at the mouth of a river-moraine or delta?

At the state bee, the morning began with 100 students. After eight preliminary rounds, Baker-Butler was one of 16 students who had a perfect score-8 out of 8-and made it to a tiebreaker round. He emerged as one of 10 finalists at the conclusion of the tiebreaker round and then advanced to the final round where he finished among the top five students.

Answers: 1. Gulf of Mexico. 2) Alaska 3) Africa 4) Delta