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What's the real cost of that auto repair? How to know if you're paying the best price
(BPT) - Do you take your car’s “health” for granted? Only when the check engine light comes on do you realize how important a fully functional vehicle is to your daily life. Feelings of fear, regret and anxiety often rush in: “Will my car break down?” “Should I h... Click for the rest of the article

5 unbelievably easy ways to get better gas mileage this summer
(BPT) - Gas prices historically rise with the temperature and so do the miles we drive. We head to the beach, transport kids to summer camps, take summer vacations and ferry college-bound students to explore university campuses. “With so much warm weather driving ahead, it pays to take steps ... Click for the rest of the article

Forget something? Drivers forget where they park and more
(BPT) - Although our everyday routines can be simple and second nature, there’s only so much we can remember. And when it comes to cars and car maintenance, many Americans frequently forget routine tasks according to the latest Gauge Index from Hankook Tire.When running errands, we park our c... Click for the rest of the article

Computers and car parts: Finding what you need has never been easier
(BPT) - Not that long ago a typewriter was the best tool for recording data and libraries kept track of books with index cards packed into wooden drawers. Obviously computers have improved productivity by letting people manipulate data faster. But have you ever considered all the physical, hold-in-... Click for the rest of the article

5 automotive mobile devices ideal for teenage drivers
(BPT) - Many parents worry when their teens start to drive. Distracted driving, inexperience and simple carelessness are all reasons for parents to be concerned. The added distraction of a cellphone and all its available functions bring even more reasons to worry.While it would be great if parents ... Click for the rest of the article

The road to speed and sustainability [Infographic]
(BPT) - The future of speed and sustainability has arrived as Michelin joins forces with Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) for the road ahead. FIA’s Formula E Championship, an all-electric vehicle racing series designed to bring the sport closer to the public and showcase the ev... Click for the rest of the article

6 ways to ease your long commute
(BPT) - Research shows Americans spend $33 billion annually on aftermarket products to enhance the styling and performance of their vehicles. Whether it’s for functionality or appearance, you can find just about any product to modify your car, truck or SUV to fit your needs. An updated naviga... Click for the rest of the article

AC or windows down: secrets to better summer fuel economy
(BPT) - Summer is peak travel season for most Americans. Those hoping to spend less on fuel and more on fun can find ways to stretch their travel budgets with better vehicle care and use.One hotly (pun intended) debated topic during summer driving season is whether it is more fuel efficient to use ... Click for the rest of the article

Truck maintenance is a growing career opportunity
(BPT) - One career field that requires great hands-on training, provides on-the-job instruction and is growing steadily is that of a diesel truck mechanic. It's a specialty job, and it’s a career that a person can easily advance with for many years.With the transportation industry seeing incr... Click for the rest of the article

3 great reasons to clean your car this spring
(BPT) - Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home – it’s a smart thing to do for your vehicles, too. A few simple steps can help boost your vehicle’s integrity and beauty while maintaining its value, plus you might even regain that new-car smell. 1. Your car is a reflection o... Click for the rest of the article

Computadoras y piezas de repuesto: Ahora es más fácil encontrar lo que necesita
(BPT) - No hace mucho, la máquina de escribir era la mejor herramienta para compilar datos, y las bibliotecas llevaban el inventario de sus libros con tarjetas indizadas que se guardaban en gavetas de madera. Obviamente, las computadoras han mejorado la productividad, pues nos permiten una m... Click for the rest of the article

6 must-have auto products for the summer
(BPT) - Summer is a great time to get up off the couch and soak up the sun. As you stock up on sunscreen and prepare to protect your skin from the direct sunlight, be sure to pick up products to protect your vehicle as well. Whether you’re taking the car out for a summer road trip, a day at t... Click for the rest of the article

4 tire tips for teen drivers
(BPT) - Getting a driver’s license is a pivotal moment for many teens, and with the privilege of driving comes greater freedom and independence. For parents, this can be both a moment of great pride and overwhelming anxiety.In 2012, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) r... Click for the rest of the article

5 simple tips for safe towing
(BPT) - With the summer months ahead, people will be towing boats, jet skis, campers, landscaping equipment, ATVs and more.Towing can be tricky so it’s important to plan ahead and emphasize safety. Operating a vehicle becomes a whole new task when another set of wheels is hitched to the back.... Click for the rest of the article

Top auto related products for a smooth summer camping trip
(BPT) - Escaping city life, exploring the outdoors and toasting marshmallows around a campfire are the essence of the classic American vacation: camping. While the trip itself can be quite enjoyable, getting there can sometimes be a challenge. Through the use of special products and accessorie... Click for the rest of the article

Total loss vehicles are valuable treasures to some
(BPT) - Each year auto insurers declare millions of vehicles to be total losses. This typically happens when an insurance company decides that it’s more cost effective to pay the insured for the pre-damage value of the vehicle rather than repair it. Ever wonder what happens to that vehicle af... Click for the rest of the article

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