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home : life : green living November 24, 2015

Second chances: 5 ways your recycled plastics can live again
  (BPT) - You take steps to lighten your environmental footprint, and you encourage your friends and family to do the same. Fortunately, it’s getting easier to recycle more plastics than ever and give them a second chance to become useful new products. Throwing away recyclable plast... Continue reading >

Corn: Cream of the crops
(BPT) - Some bake with it. Some decorate with it. Some wander around for hours in it. We’re talking about corn: the edible, ornamental and downright a-maze-ing homegrown staple. Corn takes center stage in U.S. tradition, especially during the holidays. But for all the corn mazes (800 at last ... Continue reading >

Help the environment by reducing your water use today
(BPT) - The temperature isn’t the only thing rising during the summertime – your outdoor water use is probably rising as well. And, unfortunately, so can water waste.If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone. US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) research shows that homeowners ... Continue reading >

DIY home energy improvements to help save cash this winter
  (BPT) - As days shorten and temperatures drop, home energy efficiency should be top of mind. Homeowners want to keep their homes warm and cozy throughout the chilly seasons, yet they don’t want astronomical utility bills in order to do it. If you want to boost your home’s en... Continue reading >

Recycle more plastics on America Recycles Day - and all year long
(BPT) - Want to help recycle more plastics? In celebration of America Recycles Day (November 15), Plastics Make it Possible offers some quick tips to get you started.Nearly all Americans have access to a plastics recycling program, which allows us to pitch in and reduce our environmental footprint.... Continue reading >

Plastics can help improve energy efficiency in any size home [Infographic]
(BPT) - - Many Americans are joining the “tiny house” movement and reducing their environmental footprint as they reduce the size of their homes. Thanks to a wide range of innovative plastic building products, this tiny house is big on energy efficiency. And these same innovations can h... Continue reading >

Tips to make your next DIY home improvement as green as possible
(BPT) - If you’re thinking about making your next DIY home improvement project “green,” but aren’t sure how to achieve a balance of eco-friendly and affordability, there’s good news. It’s now easier than ever, especially when you do the work yourself with rented ... Continue reading >

How smart home chefs are going green with kitchen design
(BPT) - Home chefs everywhere are taking a new approach when designing their dream kitchens. Beyond upscale tools and high end appliances, they also want features that are eco-friendly and environmentally smart. Here are the top trends in eco-friendly kitchen design.Green countertops When it comes ... Continue reading >

How to make Labor Day last year-round
(BPT) - Labor Day doesn’t have to be a sign of the end of the summer season. Rather, it’s America’s opportunity to take an extra day of rest and relaxation and continue soaking up the warmth of summertime. With the sun shining bright, here are some ways to extend summer well into ... Continue reading >

Heat your home without wasting energy this season
(BPT) - If you’re interested in living a greener lifestyle, perhaps you’re already trying to reduce your energy usage as much as possible. Maybe you ride your bike to work, unplug your electronics when they’re not in use, use fans during warm weather and avoid wasting water.Saving... Continue reading >

Take the stress out of laundry with these timesaving tips
(BPT) - Laundry doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. With these effective and efficient tricks of the trade, you’ll be able to take down laundry one load at a time. These tips will ensure your laundry turns out perfectly every time.Decode the clothing label When you have a long list... Continue reading >

4 ways clean water changes your life
  (BPT) - Every day, millions of families across the globe don’t have clean water to drink. In fact, more than 600 million people lack access to clean water, according to the World Health Organization and UNICEF. Illness caused by contaminated water kills more children than HIV/AIDS... Continue reading >

5 easy ways to reduce food waste in your daily life
(BPT) - “What’s for dinner?”For many, the question is uttered nearly every evening, and the answer is easy.But for 795 million people in the world — those who don’t have a reliable meal to look forward to according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United... Continue reading >

Put your home on autopilot to save money, time and energy
(BPT) - Every homeowner can remember a time when they wondered, "Did I lock the front door this morning?" Or, "Did I leave a light on?" Others can attest to that feeling of dread knowing their air conditioner is running full blast while they're away on a weekend trip. There's nothing worse than wor... Continue reading >

What to flush [Infographic]
(BPT) - With municipal wastewater systems experiencing backups and pipe clogs, people need the facts on What to Flush. ... Continue reading >

Empower your kids to be tree heroes this summer
(BPT) - Climbing trees, laughing around a campfire, counting fireflies or just taking in the aroma of the morning dew — these are some of the childhood memories that last a lifetime. It is easy to take for granted our outdoor adventures and natural resources; this is why it is so important to... Continue reading >

Green your space this fall
(BPT) - Fall signals the end of summer and the beginning of vibrantly colored leaves on the ground, pumpkin patches and refreshingly cooler temperatures. Early fall is also the perfect time of year to complete home improvement projects — the weather is mild, and you can clear your home of clu... Continue reading >

5 tips for businesses to cut energy, save money
(BPT) - Companies across the nation are looking for ways to become more energy efficient, and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are no exception. Reducing energy consumption is one of the top areas where SMB leaders need more guidance — up 14 percent from the previous year, according t... Continue reading >

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