Letter: All school board members should be treated equally

February 7, 2019 at 11:14 a.m.

I read with interest the Westmore News of Jan. 25, 2019. Right there on the front page is the headline “Port Chester Board in good standing.” Well, gee, Anne Capeci and Tom Corbia were not indicted for crimes of leaking confidential material? I already know that because I know both of these exemplary elected officials who do their best each and every time they make decisions regarding the children and the taxpayers of our great village. I have been involved in politics in Port Chester for over 45 years and I have never, and I mean never, seen any political party, or any individual political person ever try to discredit their opponent or individual elected official. This has got to stop immediately.

To make matters worse, the article stated that Robert Freeman stated that a board member discussing contract negotiations is not an illegal act. Thank you, Mr. Freeman, for enlightening us. It’s time the board majority of Brakewood, Wolff and Russo treat Anne Capeci and Tom Corbia as co-equals on the board, as Capeci and Corbia represent a substantial number of residents in Port Chester. Why didn’t these four know what they were doing? Apparently, they duped newbie Russo into believing he was on the right side of the law. He has been criticized by many in this newspaper and in public of just siding with Brakewood and Wolff. It is about time for him to stand up, do his own research before being a bobblehead doll copying Brakewood and Wolff.

Lastly, it has come to my attention that not all Board of Education trustees were given access to Ms. Liebowitz’s final investigation report. If this is true, then Mrs. Brakewood denied the equivalency to all board members and denied them information to fully represent them to their constituents who voted them into office. Board members Brakewood, Wolff and Russo have wasted $2,000 of our taxpayers’ money on this useless investigation. Of course, this money could have been put to better use buying library books and other essentials.

Stay tuned. This not over. I guarantee it.

Ang Rubino

Port Chester


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