Letter: Alex Payan gets things done

February 14, 2019 at 7:24 a.m.

I was very pleased when I heard that Alex Payan was throwing his hat into the ring again for the Port Chester Board of Trustees election this coming March. This is a man who does not give up easily. He perseveres when he sees he can make a difference. I know Alex to be an honest and hardworking individual who wants only the best for Port Chester.

After four years of Marketing Management at Pace University and two master’s degrees from Manhattanville College, one in Professional Studies and another one in Educational Studies, Alex turned down several offers from the corporate world because he wanted to return to the community that has meant so much to him. His work with Port Chester Cares offers human services and programs that do nothing but better the lives of our residents.

As a member of the Port Chester Beautification Commission, I had the pleasure of working alongside Alex on our cooperative cleanup days, as well as other joint ventures. The PCBC also witnessed the fruits of his labor in starting a community garden at Weber Drive. While certainly a group effort, I couldn’t help but notice every speaker give unconditional praise to Alex for his tireless commitment to making such a worthwhile project a reality. In short, Alex Payan gets things done.

He is truly the embodiment of service to the community.

I hope you will join me in voting for someone who chose to return to his hometown to help make it a better place. I am convinced Alex Payan would be an intelligent, reasoned and compassionate voice on our Village Board.

Lou Del Bianco

16 Village Green

Port Chester


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