Letter: Falanka, Brakewood, Ferrara and Payan for P.C. village board

February 14, 2019 at 7:28 a.m.

With the Port Chester village election coming up, I wanted to highlight four candidates that I think have set themselves apart from the rest and who I think all should be part of the Board of Trustees moving forward.

First and foremost, I want to voice my support for Mayor Falanka. It’s no surprise that he’s received endorsements from both the Republican and Democratic parties as he’s proven that he can keep our often-contentious board on track and making progress without getting bogged down in acrimony. This ability to recognize and respect all sides in any issue and move forward in good faith with the village’s best interests in heart earns Mayor Falanka my vote for another term.

Next, there are two currently-serving board members that I think are especially deserving of re-election. Dan Brakewood and Frank Ferrara have both shown the same ability to put the village’s most important issues first, avoid partisan bickering, and make actual progress on issues. Dan has been at the forefront in fighting for progress on the waterfront, is a strong proponent for quality-of-life issues and continues to push the village for rigorous and fair code enforcement. Frank is happy to take on big issues and is making progress with helping Port Chester pursue city status, advocates for smart development around the village, and is a strong advocate for taxpayers.

Finally, I’m excited that Alex Payan is running and we have an opportunity to add him to the village board. Alex is the embodiment of the American success story. A first-generation American and lifelong resident of Port Chester, Alex demonstrates that hard work is a clear path to success. Alex has earned four master’s degrees, speaks fluently two languages, was previously the Director of Port Chester Cares and is currently the Director of Advancement at Family Services of Westchester and Executive Director/Founder of the Port Chester Community Gardens. Alex has also led or been part of more Port Chester community programs and organizations than can be listed here. He’s smart, he’s a proven hard worker, and he is an asset to our village. He certainly has my vote, and I can't think of a better person to add to the board.

Stephen Simmons

Port Chester


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