B.B. girls’ basketball team goes 7-15 on the season

February 28, 2019 at 8:41 a.m.
B.B. girls’ basketball team goes 7-15 on the season
B.B. girls’ basketball team goes 7-15 on the season

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The Lady Trojans varsity basketball team finished their regular season with their second game against a league opponent, the Bronxville Broncos. In the first matchup against the Broncos, the girls kept a close game but fell 46-32 in the end. Their second matchup, on Wednesday, Feb. 13, played out similarly. For playoffs, the girls would come out with a play-in game where they’d face the Ardsley Panthers on Saturday, Feb. 16 to fight for the 16 seed. After an amazing performance and triumph against the Panthers, Blind Brook was set to play the number one seed, Briarcliff High School, on Tuesday, Feb. 19, in what would be their final game of the season.

Loss to Bronxville

In the first quarter, Blind Brook was slow on offense and struggling to defend the Broncos on defense. They tried adjusting their defense based on their previous game just days before, but it seemed to inhibit their scoring opportunities and they were not as effective on defense as they had hoped. With minimal conversions on offense, Blind Brook only put up two points to the Broncos’ 14.

During the second quarter, the Trojans’ defense started to pay off. They were getting turnovers and drawing fouls in transition. However, their foul-shot-shooting was 33% and thus they couldn’t capitalize on the opportunities they worked for. Scoring was equal in the second quarter with both teams scoring seven. At the half B.B. trailed 21-9.

The third quarter was the Lady Trojans’ best of the game. They came out on fire and their defense was impeccable. Sophomore star Kaitlyn Tangney hit her stride, getting her first points of the game, and freshman star Gabby Tucker also started hitting her shots. The two combined for 11 of the team’s 17 points and put Blind Brook at a marginal deficit, 28-26, going into the fourth quarter.

The fourth quarter was destructive for the Trojans as Bronxville seemed to flip a switch. The Broncos ran the floor well and put up 14 points to the Trojans’ seven. Blind Brook would fall 42-33 to end their regular season with a record of 6-14.

Battle and victory against Ardsley

From the start, the game against Ardsley was a battle. Going into the contest the Trojans knew what to expect. Some say you learn more from a loss than a victory, and that proved true on Saturday, Feb. 16. The Panthers had beaten the Trojans months before on their own home court, and this time it was Blind Brook’s chance to deliver a defeat at Ardsley’s home. Blind Brook drove the ball well and once again got to the foul line. Tangney would find her way to the line four times this game and she’d go an astounding 8/8, shooting 100% from the free-throw line. After one quarter of great basketball, the game was neck and neck, 11-10.

The second quarter would be the best the Trojans played that day. Tangney and Tucker both lit up the gym with draining threes and knock-down free-throw shooting. The two young animals had all 14 points for the Trojans and led them to a 25-16 lead going into halftime.

The second half held less offense for the Trojans and a stronger focus on defense. The Trojans continued to drive and hit their shots while holding a solid defense, bouncing between a box-and-1 and a 2-3. The box-and-1 locked down Ardsley’s #3 and forced the Panthers to go to their other, less capable players. The final score was Blind Brook 40, Ardsley 36. The Lady Trojans triumphed and would now face the number one-seeded Briarcliff Bears in the playoffs.

Season closes, loss to Briarcliff

From the start, the Briarcliff Bears weren’t messing around. In the first quarter alone, they nearly outscored the Trojans’ final score. Nevertheless, the Trojans fought till the end. In fact, a few minutes into the first quarter the score was 15-11 Briarcliff, but the Bears would quickly crush any Trojan hopes. After the first quarter, it was 24-11 Bears.

The Trojans collapsed in the second quarter. Key players were completely shut down and the 2-3 defense ceased being effective. Blind Brook was outscored 28-0 and thus trailed 52-11 at halftime.

The remainder of the game was about the same and the Lady Trojans’ season would end with a huge loss to the number one-seeded Briarcliff Bears by a score of 76-25.

Senior captain Joelle Maitland capped off her career at Blind Brook with these words: “While we didn’t have the strongest record this season, I’m proud to end my basketball career with these girls. I’m grateful for my time with the team over these past four years, and I look forward to coming back and seeing the young talent on our team dominate Section 1 in the coming years.”

Looking ahead to next season, the Trojans anticipate great success. Stars Kaitlyn Tangney and Gabby Tucker will be high-performing juniors and sophomores, respectively, as well as juniors Amanda Winton and Ruby Grodin who are expected to be forces down low on both defense and offense. 


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