B.B. girls’ basketball inconsistency continues

January 31, 2019 at 8:18 a.m.
B.B. girls’ basketball inconsistency continues
B.B. girls’ basketball inconsistency continues

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The Blind Brook girls’ varsity basketball team had themselves another week filled with both victory and defeat. They lost to Ursuline B on Wednesday, Jan. 22 by a score of 54-35, but they were able to get the needed win against Solomon Schechter on Tuesday, Jan. 29.

Loss to Ursuline B

Ursuline B was an extremely talented team with great depth to allow them to make constant substitutions that would tire the Trojans out. In fact, only one of the eight players who saw the floor for the Koalas didn’t put points on the board, and she only played one quarter. To start the game, Ursuline kept their distance from the hoop. They were hot from three, hitting three threes by the end of the first. The Lady Trojans took an opposite approach and drove at the Koalas consistently throughout the game; the foul line would be where most of their points would come from. By the end of the first quarter, Blind Brook trailed 15-5.

The second quarter was about the same. Ursuline kept their distance from the hoop, knocking down mid-range jumpers and a couple from beyond the arc. The Trojans maintained their authority on the block, and they were able to continue to get offensive rebounds and get to the foul line. Sophomores Kaitlyn Tangney and Amanda Winton together went four for five on free throws in the second.

After the half, there was an intensity brought onto the court by the Trojans. They went to a stronger defense more equipped for the Koalas’ mid- to long-range shots and pushed their offensive pressure slightly more. Nevertheless, this was all to a fault as Ursuline worked the ball inside and simply moved their shots closer. Tangney and Winton combined for the team’s 11 points this quarter, allowing the youth of this Trojan squad to shine.

The fourth quarter brought little difference and the Trojans would fall 54-35. Tangney ended with 21 points followed by freshman point guard Gabby Tucker as the next biggest scorer with five points. Every point of this Ursuline game came from the hands of an underclassman (sophomores and freshman). It may not show right now, but this Trojan team that is suffering through big losses will only grow better because of them, and these games are providing a great experience for these young players. Of course, the upperclassmen, and particularly the senior captains, are doing their part on offense and defense with rebounding, boxing out, and leading the communication on the floor. Senior captains Joelle Maitland and Paige Maizes are monsters on the boards as well as defensive lockdown in the middle, and captain Sydney Klein heads the team's communication, making sure everyone knows their job on the court and pushing her teammates to fight for that extra rebound.

Big win over Schechter

The Trojans came out the best they have all season on Tuesday, Jan. 29. Schechter is a Class C school and the Trojans wanted this game to make a statement to the rest of their competitors in Class B. In the first quarter alone, Blind Brook scored 21 points. Schechter managed to hit three threes in the first quarter, but nothing else went their way. The Lady Trojans had steals left and right and were hitting most of the shots they were taking. Tucker hit a three, Tangney had five, Klein hit both a two and a three, Maizes hit a quick jumper, and best of all was eighth-grader Lindsey Rosenberg hitting two threes. Rosenberg would end with a career-high 10 points.

The demolition did not stop there. In the second quarter the Lady Trojans made it to the foul line much more and were hitting their shots, going five for six at the line. At the half Blind Brook led 30-13, their biggest lead of the season at halftime. The third quarter was no different but with Tangney taking over. She had eight of the 16 points scored and pushed her team to a 46-21 lead.

The fourth quarter was highlighted by junior Gabby Fern. Fern had returned from a wrist injury which had put her out for most of the season thus far, and on Tuesday she found herself her first varsity basketball points and four of them at that. “It was an amazing team win [today],” Fern said, “I was happy to have contributed to my team's success from on the floor tonight and I look forward to having an even bigger impact in the coming games.”

The girls’ varsity basketball team now stands at 4-9 with big league games in the coming week. After press time on Thursday, Jan. 31, the Trojans will host the extremely talented league opponent Edgemont High School. The following day, Friday, Feb. 1, Blind Brook has their other league matchup against Rye Neck High School at 4:30 p.m., location unknown as of press time. Then on Monday, Feb. 4 the girls face Irvington High School at 4:30 p.m., location to be determined. They will play another league game at home against Keio on Wednesday, Feb. 6, also at 4:30.


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