Letter: Vote for our mom

March 7, 2019 at 8:08 a.m.

There is a lot my brother and I could say about our mom, Joan Grangenois-Thomas, and so we'll keep it short. Growing up, my brother and I learned what it meant to be a global citizen. What that meant to us was that we cared about everyone, especially people who didn't share our skin color. Our parents taught us to be courteous and polite because that's how people should be treated.

Living in Port Chester, we realized that not everyone was raised like we were and so we may have become a little jaded, but this is still our hometown and we want to make sure that the residents and visitors are treated with respect and not as a second thought.

The phrase we hear a lot around town—“this is the way we've always done things”—is getting really tired and played out and we believe that our mom will bring that sense of service and decency to the Board of Trustees that has been lying dormant and complacent for as long as we've been alive.

We hope that you see our mom not only as a candidate but as a friend to Port Chester. We ask you to give all six of your votes to our mom so we can make Port Chester a much better place.

Kiah and Kyle Thomas

420 Elm St.

Port Chester


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