Students invited to apply for LWV’s Civic Achievement Award

March 28, 2019 at 8:08 a.m.

Attention, high school juniors (and their parents)! The League of Women Voters of Rye, Rye Brook and Port Chester (the “LWV”) will once again be a awarding a Student Civic Achievement Award to a junior who lives in and attends a high school in the City of Rye (including Holy Child), Villages of Rye Brook and Port Chester, or the Rye Neck section of the Town of Rye, in recognition of the student’s overall contributions to his or her school and community in the areas of civic engagement, advocacy, leadership or voter education.

The criteria for the Student Civic Achievement Award are:

*Proven civic engagement, such as participation and volunteering in school and community organizations, committees and boards; and/or

*Demonstrated advocacy for various causes, such as political, economic, education, civil, environmental or quality of life issues; and/or

*Proven leadership roles in school and community organizations, committees and boards; and/or

*Demonstrated interest in voter education.

Students eligible for the award will participate at a high level in numerous activities. In doing so, they will have proven to be exemplary leaders and excellent role models for their peers.

The recipient of the Student Civic Leadership Award will be selected by a subcommittee of the LWV Board members based on the content of the application and by an interview, if deemed necessary by the subcommittee members. The recipient will receive a $500.00 monetary award.

The LWV has distributed to each local high school an application form to be completed by a student who wishes to apply for the Student Civic Achievement Award. The deadline for submission of the application is May 3, 2019. Each student must submit a reference and the guidance counselor or a school administrator must sign off on the application. The award recipient will be notified by mid-May 2019 and will be presented with the Award at the June LWV Annual Meeting. For further information, or to obtain an application, please contact Joan Feinstein at [email protected] or call 914 934-8830.

Joan L. Feinstein

Student Outreach Chair

The League of Women Voters

Rye, Rye Brook & Port Chester


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