Letter: Brakewood cares about every student

May 9, 2019 at 8:52 a.m.

Port Chester has been my home for the past 39 years. I love this village and I love its people. I raised my five children here in Port Chester. All five are proud graduates of Port Chester Schools, now successfully employed in these diverse careers: special education teacher, marine engineer, mechanical engineer, HVAC mechanic, and voice over actor. And as the May 21 school board election approaches, I am rooting for the candidate who I feel will best further opportunities and success for students in Port Chester Schools. That candidate is Carolee Brakewood.

Carolee is a member of my church. She is a kind, caring and committed individual. She truly jumps in to help with any task, works to resolve any issue, and cares deeply about others. Carolee applies these same skills to her role on the school board. She steps up and does the work, works constructively to solve any problems, and cares deeply about every student in our district. Carolee has proven her love for our schools and her desire to help our community. Our schools have shown great improvement in recent years and risen in national rankings.

Carolee has been part of this success, and we are fortunate to have her on our school board. Let’s keep her there. Vote for Carolee Brakewood on May 21.

Debby Tedesco

66 Adams Ave.

Port Chester


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