Letter: Brakewood is totally committed to the Port Chester community

May 9, 2019 at 9:01 a.m.

In Port Chester, there often appears to be a common sentiment that some people who were born here have expressed—that an "outsider," meaning someone not born in Port Chester, wouldn’t or couldn’t understand or care as much as someone "born and bred" here to effectively serve and lead us in any good new direction.

I've faced this criticism by some people six of the seven times that I ran for public office against lifelong residents. Carolee Brakewood is facing this same criticism by some people in this upcoming School Board election. This couldn’t be further from the truth in her case.

I've known Carolee since 2006. While she wasn't born here, she and Dan selected Port Chester as the place where they wanted to bed their roots and raise their kids some 20 years ago.

Carolee has “totally” dedicated and immersed herself into our community from the moment she arrived, in an exemplary fashion. Carolee has been a past Co-President of King Street School PTA, a member in the HS PTSA and Band Association, Director of the Rye Town Community Band, an Elder in her Port Chester church; and was previously active in the League of Women Voters and at Carver Center.

More recently, she has especially dedicated herself full-time to the important School Board role she was elected into for the past nine years and for which she is seeking re-election.

Carolee has been responsive to parents and taxpayers alike. The results speak for themselves—regarding the school district's improvements while Carolee has been elected.

These results have also been achieved with a low per-pupil spending level and budgets that consistently have been within the NYS Tax Cap, which is great news for taxpayers.

Our schools are now nationally recognized for their outstanding achievement. Many people deserve credit for these fine accomplishments. At the School Board level, however, Carolee has been a driving force for continued focus on improving academic achievement and career and college readiness. She does her homework and she is highly effective. She’s results-oriented and a creative problem solver, and we will continue to need her skills on the School Board.

Please join me in voting for Carolee Brakewood in the School Board election on Tuesday, May 21.

Dennis Pilla

Lafayette Drive

Port Chester

The author was Port Chester mayor for four terms between 2007-2017.


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