Letter: Carolee Brakewood has know-how and experience

May 9, 2019 at 9:00 a.m.

Carolee Brakewood is a dedicated and engaged public servant. She is both a fierce advocate for the kind of programs that improve our schools and a responsible leader who has kept our school taxes within the state tax cap each year. As both a public school parent and a homeowner, I know that Carolee is the best choice in this May’s election for Port Chester School Board.

Additional Foundation Aid is critical to Port Chester’s school budget. Intended to “level the economic playing field” between districts, Foundation Aid and other forms of state aid fund 30% of our school budget. Port Chester only receives half of the Foundation Aid it should, given our district enrollment. During her time on the Board of Education, Carolee has worked with other underfunded districts to amplify our voices as one and increase the aid we receive. She has spoken at budget forums, attended rallies, and met with our legislators in Port Chester and Albany to advocate for Port Chester. Every additional dollar we receive helps our schools. We need Carolee to remain on the board, working hard to get more funding for Port Chester.

Carolee has continuously supported student achievement in our schools. Regents scores, AP exam scores, and graduation rates have all increased markedly in the past decade that she has served. The programs we offer nurture our newest residents and challenge our best and brightest. Every school is benefitting from construction projects that will truly improve the outcomes and reputation of our district. Carolee knows how to get results and has the experience we need to keep our schools, the heart of our community, moving forward. On May 21, support our schools by supporting Carolee Brakewood for School Board.

Maggie Nachlin

Putnam Drive

Port Chester


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