Letter: Chrissie has my support

May 9, 2019 at 8:52 a.m.

Despite an available option to tuition my daughter into a top-rated school district where I work, I am choosing to send her to the Port Chester Schools this September. She will be our family’s fourth generation attending. From that perspective, and as a colleague of Chrissie Onofrio, a parent of an incoming student, a taxpayer and lifelong resident of Port Chester, this year’s School District race offers a chance to elect an equally experienced and talented member, but one who will be more collaborative with other Board members.

Chrissie is a professional, highly organized and motivated educator. She believes in the Port Chester School System and deeply cares about the children who do and will attend there. I have worked with Chrissie on committees and witnessed her leadership skills. Our district needs less individual contribution and more cooperative unity and teamwork. We know our teachers are talented and care about the students—they always have. A unified Board will be more successful on the difficult issues of achieving more state aid or prioritizing the fair allocation of resources to achieve the greatest benefit for the children. We need a Board that can work and communicate efficiently with its administration, parents and students challenging and leading them to lifetime success as proud graduates of Port Chester. Chrissie has my complete support.

Heidi Hansen

47 Priscilla La.

Port Chester


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