Letter: Onofrio will get things right again

May 9, 2019 at 8:49 a.m.

On Tuesday, Apr. 23, I once again attended the Port Chester Board of Education meeting. Shortly after the meeting was called to order, it became very transparent that Ms. Brakewood had no intention of listening to a large group of PCHS seniors, their parents and supporters who came to voice their utter disagreement of having their 2019 graduation moved to SUNY-Purchase.

I witnessed Ms. Brakewood’s iron-fisted control over the meeting and agenda. Her total disregard for anyone else’s opinion and feelings was quite evident. Without question, Ms. Brakewood has become the most divisive elected officer our village has ever had, but bar none. Nothing she says is credible any longer.

She made sure she was elected Board president last July 2018 and has done absolutely nothing this year to even remotely give us cause to have her re-elected on May 21, 2019.

I have attended most every Board meeting over the last four years and the few I missed I watched on TV. What is quite clear: Ms. Brakewood makes no attempt to bring peace or harmony to the meetings.

A perfect example was the Apr. 23 meeting in which numerous students, parents and supporters voiced their dismay of not being part of the decision making of this year’s graduation. We learned there were absolutely no meetings including the primary stakeholders to come to a satisfactory resolution. I ask you, how does this happen under her watch? Where was her ability and compassion to understand how important the graduation ceremony is to the seniors, their parents, relatives and the community at large?

Obviously, Ms. Brakewood didn’t care to hold a meeting(s) to rectify the most important event in the lives of our students and our community.

The coup de grace was when resident Jim Carriere was making an impassioned speech in favor of moving the graduation to the high school, Ms. Brakewood began to make facial expressions of displeasure. Mr. Carriere graciously and respectfully admonished her to the thunderous applause of the large crowd in attendance. The emotions in the auditorium were unmistakable to everyone.

Now, thanks to the community outcry, it appears the seniors and their parents have salvaged a chance to have graduation somewhere at PCHS. So, in spite of, and not because of Ms. Brakewood, their dream should come true.

We can put a final halt to this insensitive leadership and give candidate and PCHS alum Chrissie Onofrio a chance to get things right again.

Domenick Cervi

Dixon Street

Rye Brook


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