Letter: Onofrio’s unfinished, not so nice agenda

May 9, 2019 at 9:06 a.m.

Chrissie Onofrio’s support letters show she is a very nice lady, a great mom, a sweet daughter, and a good all-around person. She’s been saying that she is for transparency and new ideas, but perhaps she could use more time to get herself prepared.

I was astonished to hear Onofrio say during the public comment period at the BOE meeting on Apr. 23, “I just wanted to say that the statement ‘We Do More with Less’ is something that I’ve heard again and again in Port Chester over my years, … but it seems like ‘We Do Less with More’ is more accurate.”

What is the “less” that Port Chester is doing?

The rate of students going on to college is up to 93% and three PCHS students got into Ivy League schools. That’s not less.

What is the “more” that Onofrio thinks Port Chester has?

Port Chester’s spending per pupil is the lowest in the county. Onofrio teaches in a district where the per student spending in 2018-19 was almost $11,000 more per student than Port Chester. I’m not sure how that puts her in a position to say that Port Chester kids deserve less.

Is $11,000 less per student not low enough for Onofrio? Should Port Chester students get $15,000 less than what her Blind Brook students get? Or perhaps $20,000 less?

So Onofrio’s new idea is to return to the old idea—just cut more. She will find “new” things to cut—as if the current BOE isn’t looking to keep costs down and successive BOEs haven’t been doing that for years.

I’m mad at Albany for underfunding Port Chester and I applaud Carolee Brakewood for her work in getting almost $1 million in additional aid. That’s the kind of work Port Chester needs. I find it hard to believe that someone who thinks Port Chester has too much already would put their heart into that work.

That’s a shame. I’m proud of Port Chester and the achievements of our students. I will be voting for Carolee Brakewood who genuinely works for the best for our kids and stays within the tax cap. The recent success of students shows that Port Chester is headed in the right direction.

If Onofrio thinks there’s a magic pile of money sitting somewhere that won’t hurt our kids to cut, she hasn’t done her homework. And no matter how nice she is, that’s what she’s needed to do. If she needs an extra year to get up to speed, she should take it and come back when she has something better than old, tired ideas and vague promises.

Vote Brakewood.

Kikki Short

Port Chester


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