P.C. teachers appreciated with tenure

May 23, 2019 at 10:11 a.m.
P.C. teachers appreciated with tenure
P.C. teachers appreciated with tenure

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No time could be more appropriate to receive tenure than National Teacher Appreciation Week, let alone Teacher Appreciation Day itself.

More than a dozen Port Chester School District educators earned just that and got to celebrate their day with validation, security and confidence. At the recommendation of Superintendent Dr. Edward Kliszus, the Board of Education awarded 16 teachers tenure at their meeting on Tuesday, May 7.

“Tenure is a milestone in an educator’s career that is to be celebrated,” Board of Education President Carolee Brakewood said. “Sixteen members of our educational team have received tenure tonight. We thank them for working hard with our students and we celebrate this important achievement. On behalf of the administration and the Board of Education, congratulations.”

To be granted tenure, Port Chester School District faculty must be employed for two to four years while performing with competency, sufficiency and in a satisfactory manner. The 16 newly tenured teachers include:

*Vanessa Aspiazu, JFK Elementary School teacher

*Vanessa Clay-Williams, High School counselor

*Stephanie Darrow, High School English teacher

*Christine Galindo, Edison Elementary School teacher

*Carlos Gomez, High School math teacher

*Jeffrey Kravitz, High School social studies teacher

*Aisha Lopez, JFK Elementary School teacher

*Heidi Marroquin, Park Avenue social worker

*Jasmin Martinez, Edison Elementary School teacher

*Crista Minicozzi, High School English teacher

*Melody Rivera, Middle School teaching assistant

*Stefanie Russo, King Street teaching assistant

*Idia Saldana, Park Avenue Elementary School teacher

*Jeffrey Tascio, Middle School teaching assistant

*Vanessa Vargas, district special education teacher

*Stephanie Watts, High School English teacher

“If you ask anyone who their favorite teacher was, I bet they can tell you without hesitation who that person was and why they were so impactful in their lives,” Port Chester Teachers Association President Laura DeChiara said at the meeting. “I’m sure you would say they fired up your curiosity about how the world works or read that one story that let your imagination take flight.

“Maybe it was the ‘ah-ha’ moment where you realized a proof in math is really more than numbers but seeing the world from many different angles. Or that teacher in kindergarten who tenderly wiped away your tears while putting a Band Aid on your cut,” she continued. “You’re a part of the noblest profession because we don’t just teach, we get to be part of a child’s life. Always remember as the poet Maya Angelou said, ‘people will forget what you said, people will forget what you do, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’”


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