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  • A safety net for pets: new non-profit
helps animal owners with medical bills

    In Bernadette Vinci’s expansive professional experience as a veterinary hospital administrator, she’s found around 10% of pet owners get hit with a medical bill they can’t afford. Their financial strain often forces them into making the most gut-wrenching decision to put down their beloved animal companion, potentially prematurely.

  • Jessica Bridgette Albrecht: Angel on Earth

    Jessica Bridgette Albrecht died Sept. 14, 2021.

    “Jessie” (aka “baby toes”) was born at United Hospital in Port Chester on Mar. 7, 1967 to Lillian (Kaplan, PCHS ‘61) and Robert Albrecht (Iona Prep) with a high Apgar score. 
  • Tour de America

    Blind Brook High School graduate Nick Chien’s story began on Mar. 5, 2020, on Anderson Hill Road.

  • At long last, a foundational win

    Superintendent Dr. Edward Kliszus described Wednesday, Apr. 7, as a hustle for the Port Chester School District administrators—waking up early to prepare for an influx of phone calls and meetings to discuss endeavors moving forward.

  • Form-based zoning code
continues to be challenged

    Port Chester’s form-based zoning code, adopted in May 2020, remains the subject of litigation. While one Article 78 proceeding against the village and its Board of Trustees has been found by the court in favor of the municipality, another was filed earlier this month by the City of Rye. And the original litigants are not satisfied with the court’s findings and plan to appeal.

  • COVID Vaccine Angels fly to R.B. 
to help seniors find appointments

    Since December, when the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines got the greenlight and began rolling out to a select few U.S. citizens, Pat Saline started regularly hopping on the phone.

  • Where in the world is One World?

    Gianna Villanova has been accepted into 10 of the 12 universities she’s applied to—so far. She’s still waiting to hear back from the last two.

  • Scholarship helps HS junior continue education 
despite financial struggles due to COVID-19

    Gianna Buccieri dreams of breaking barriers and bursting through the glass ceiling by working as a strong woman in the STEM fields.

  • Is college worth it
in a coronavirus world?

    For the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic thus far, particularly when collective anxieties were climaxing in the first few months, Abe Baker-Butler was clutching onto the anticipation of attending Yale University in the fall as a light at the end of the tunnel of madness.

  • ‘We’re asking to breathe’

    For one day, the agony felt across the U.S. echoed through the streets of Port Chester.

  • It's a heck of a year to be running for school board—or any office for that matter. Because of the novel coronavirus, schools have been physically closed since mid-March, and the Port Chester School District was forced to switch over to distance learning with little notice. Not until the 11th hour, when Governor Cuomo announced it on May 1, did anyone even know there would be an election and budget vote this year. 
  • Understanding the struggles
of the world they will lead

    It makes Port Chester High School Assistant Principal Luke Sotherden feel inspired to reminisce about organizing a blood donation bank on his own as a teenager.

  • One World aims to offset 
carbon emissions across globe

    A call to action has been made by the youth of the world to combat climate change, and the Port Chester School District has responded.

  • Enhancing education
with the art of film
    Waking up with the sun at the crack of dawn on a chilly winter day to endure the 40-mile commute from Carmel, Jeffrey Cobelli arrived at Park Avenue Elementary School early on Monday, Dec. 9.
  • The class clown’s journey
to professional stand-up
    Remember that kid in high school—the type who would amuse their fellow classmates by whistling bird calls in the middle of a lesson, driving the teacher to insanity thinking there could be a feathered creature in the room?
  • The battle of bullying:
helping victims, bullies
    Dealing with bullying is more complicated than approaching the situation with a “stop the aggressor” mentality, according to several Columbia University researchers and health care professionals.
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