Spadaro Ristorante opened in Port Chester at the beginning of May and closed five months later at the beginning of October.
Spadaro Ristorante opened in Port Chester at the beginning of May and closed five months later at the beginning of October.
Shortly after Makondo Colombian Bakery & Restaurant and River House Bar & Grill opened their doors in downtown Port Chester, two other eateries closed: Café Mirage on Sept. 27 and Spadaro Ristorante on Oct. 5.

After 15 years in business under the ownership of Port Chester residents Dave and Katy Haggerty, escalating rent by the building's new landlord at 531 North Main St. made it impossible for Café Mirage to stay in business. Many people took to Facebook to write or told me how much they liked Café Mirage's eclectic international menu and how badly they felt for its community-minded owners.

The Haggertys went out with a bang, serving a record number of dinners on their final weekend.

Katy Haggerty is now working at McShane's, Port Chester's new Irish pub, while Dave, a Culinary Institute of America graduate with tons of experience, was looking for a job in corporate catering when Café Mirage closed. No doubt he's already employed.

Spadaro Ristorante calls it quits after five months

While Café Mirage was in business 15 years, Spadaro Ristorante, with its Roman influence, only lasted five months, having opened on May 7 at 50 Abendroth Ave. where the northern Italian Per Voi had been.

After the Spadaro family had a successful restaurant for six years in New Rochelle, expanding from 30 seats to 84 during that time, it was surprising that this Italian restaurant, with its pizza oven from Naples and the experience of the Spadaro family from Rome, couldn't make it in Port Chester.

Perhaps Italian-born Anthony Spadaro, Sr. was the missing ingredient. Dominick Neri, president of Neri's Bakery in Port Chester, said his partner in the business was Anthony, Jr.

"All of a sudden the place just closed up," Neri said at the Port Chester/Rye Brook Columbus Day Parade on Sunday, Oct. 12. "Up to today I still don't have an answer."

Neri said he funded the restaurant and "took a beating."

"I put a lot of money into it," he explained, "but I am at a loss for words."

He speculated that "maybe 180 seats [the size of the Port Chester Spadaro's] was too big for them."

Anthony Spadaro, Jr. could not be reached for comment.

The space had been enlarged and totally remodeled since its days as Per Voi. Plus building owner and Port Chester Mayor

Neil Pagano had invested big dollars in a brand new façade and extensive deck which took many months to complete.

"Eventually I am hoping to get somebody [new] in there," Neri concluded.