I like to keep foodies abreast of what's happening in the local restaurant world-not only what's opened but what has closed and what they can look forward to in the future. In that vein, one coffee shop and restaurant has shut its doors and two other ventures are in the works.

Zeppoleme closes

After 15 months, zeppoleme at 321 North Main St. closed a few weeks ago. Their website confirmed what I had heard and the "closed" sign that appeared in the window. I sent an e-mail to co-owner Robert Squeri as the website directed to see if the owners wanted to make further comments.

"Marc [Tessitore] and I had a terrific 15-month experience in the space and developing our brand," Squeri wrote. "We are overwhelmed at the emails and messages we received concerning the closing during the past two weeks. We started out with a desire to create a modern coffee shop that served the people of the community-not only with delicious and unique food but to provide our neighbors with a comfortable, happy environment. And we must admit that via all the messages, we succeeded! Clearly our zeppole has a large fan base in our hometown of Port Chester and we thank everyone for their support."

Squeri said he and Tessitore, owner of Nessa Ristorante next door, have no plans to reopen the current location but are looking to take this food concept nearby. He will keep me informed about their plans once they are firmly established. I definitely enjoyed their zeppole, uber crunchy panini which I thought were the best around, and Stumptown coffee, all of which could be enjoyed several months of the year in the idyllic garden setting zeppoleme shared with Nessa. Perhaps Port Chester wasn't the perfect place for this concept and it will work better in a more high-class community like Rye or Greenwich.

Café Mirage will be back

Port Chester Trustee and CPA Sam Terenzi has put together a limited partnership with Dave and Katy Haggerty, former owners of Café Mirage, to reestablish the restaurant which closed back in September after 15 years.

The owner of the Westchester Avenue building that most recently housed T&J Villaggio Trattoria, which has been dark for a year, has made the investment to bring the building up to code including brand new appliances in the kitchen. The limited partnership, which includes Terenzi, the Haggertys and some other investors, will gut the bathrooms, make some cosmetic upgrades to the restaurant and bar and "hone in on the banquet hall which hasn't been touched in 30 years," Terenzi said.

"It will be a substantial investment but not a million dollars," said Terenzi, who will be an investor and promote the place. His office is upstairs in the same building, so he will also keep an eye on the establishment.

Terenzi said after a year "people have nowhere affordable to go" in terms of banquet space.

He and the Haggertys are excited about the new venture. Dave, who is temporarily working as a sous chef at Rye House, said the rent will be substantially less in this much larger space than it would have been if they had stayed at Café Mirage's previous location.

"It's a good location and [they've] got a good following," Terenzi said.

Many people took to Facebook to write or told me how much they liked Café Mirage's eclectic international menu and how badly they felt for its community-minded owners who were forced out due to escalating rent after their building at 531 North Main St. was sold.

Terenzi expects an April or May opening of the new Café Mirage.

Patsy's to take over Spadaro space

After Spadaro Ristorante's short-lived stay in Port Chester at the former Per Voi location at 50 Abendroth Ave., Dominick Neri, president of Neri's Bakery in Port Chester, sought to market the huge investment he had made there fitting out the interior, including purchasing a pizza oven from Italy. Neri recently told me he had sold his interest to Patsy's Italian Restaurant in New York City.

According to the Google listing online, Patsy's is "a vintage Neapolitan eatery near Carnegie Hall with a history of entertaining high-profile patrons." I haven't yet spoken to anyone from Patsy's, so I know nothing about the timeframe, but another Italian restaurant looks to be in the cards at that location.

The space had been enlarged and totally remodeled to accommodate Spadaro's. Plus building owner and Port Chester Mayor Neil Pagano had invested big dollars in a brand new façade and extensive deck which took many months to complete. I enjoyed some nice evenings on that deck last summer and often saw Dom Neri there promoting the restaurant.