Port Chester

Mon., Aug. 3

PORT CHESTER BOARD OF TRUSTEES. Via videoconference. 7 p.m. Agenda: 1) Presentation by Town of Rye assessor. 2) Presentation on Leslie J. Snyder franchise application to provide telecommunications services in Port Chester. 3) Presentation on Sustainability Committee efforts. 4) Public hearing to consider a local law that would amend the code to make appointments to the Youth Board and corresponding resolution. 5) Public comments. 6) Planning and economic development updates. 7) Consent agenda items: a) Adopting the new retention and disposition schedule for New York local government records. b) Acceptance and approval of David Larr to Washington Engine & Hose Co. c) Authorizing an IMSA with the County of Westchester re STOP-DWI enforcement crackdown program 2019-20. d) Awarding RFP to JMT of New York, Inc. for small wireless engineering review services. 8) Transfer funds from contingency to budget line for Rec Dept. Youth Baseball League. 9) Accepting consultant report on the benefits and costs of dissolving the Port Chester Justice Court. 10) Directing village staff to prepare a local law and SEQRA documentation for the Board’s consideration at a future meeting re a Modified CD-6-T Urban Core TOD Character District Alternative. 11) Establishing a Residential Parking Advisory Committee. 12) Referring to the Planning Commission for its study and report a proposed local law that would amend the code to allow for the placement of boats in residential districts. 13) Setting a public hearing to consider adopting a local law amending the code “Appearance Tickets” and create a chapter on “Commercial Vehicles” to prohibit commercial vehicles in residential districts. 14) Setting a public hearing to consider adopting a local law amending the code “Building Code Administration and Enforcement” with regard to grease traps, interceptors and separators, sump pumps and subsoil drainage system and building sanitary drains and sewer laterals. 15) Awarding RFP for HVAC maintenance and equipment. 16) Awarding RFP for comprehensive plumbing services for village properties and facilities. 17) Awarding bid for structured cabling, racks and associated electrical work for Dept. of Information and Technology Services. 18) Awarding bid for existing and new camera system replacements for Dept. of Information and Technology Services. 19) Special Exception Use approval for 509-511 North Main St. 20) Setting a public hearing to consider a local law amending the code by adding a new chapter “City Charter Commission” establishing a City Charter Commission to advance Port Chester becoming a city. 21) Budget transfers: Staffing restructuring due to FY 2020-21 budget CSEA position eliminations. 22) 7 bond resolutions for equipment, traffic study for form-based code, sanitation toter barrels, HVAC in the PD and design work for Bulkley Drain. 23) Fiscal Year 2020-21 capital project budget amendment – Capital Project #2017-193 bulkhead reconstruction. 24) Correspondence from Trustee Bart Didden re board Procedure Rules. 25) Correspondence from Wall Street Rides for 2020. 26)  . Regular monthly meeting. To listen and make comments, navigate to portchesterny.webex.com/mw3300/mywebex/default.do?siteurl=portchesterny&service=6, click on the “Register” button, complete the registration and press “Submit.” You will be registered to attend the meeting and sent an email reminder when the meeting gets closer. You may also watch the meeting live at portchesterny.com. For information, assistance, call 939-5202.

Rye Brook

Tues., Aug. 4

RYE BROOK ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS. Via Zoom. 8 p.m. Agenda: 1) Application to construct a two-story front addition, new front porch, new rear deck and interior alterations at 39 Meadowlark Rd. adjourned from Feb. 4. Regular monthly meeting. The public can watch the live meeting on cable TV, online from the meetings/agendas page at ryebrook.org and through the Zoom app. If you would like to provide comments on the application, they can be emailed before and during the meeting to mizzo@ryebrook. or called in during the meeting at 1 (929) 205-6099, Meeting ID: 838 3990 4917 or provided through the written Chat section of the Zoom meeting. For information, assistance, call 939-0668.

Thurs., Aug. 6

RYE BROOK SUSTAINABILITY COMMITTEE. Via Zoom. 7:30 p.m. For information, agenda, call 939-1121. To watch the meeting live, go to ryebrook.org.

Westchester County

Mon., Aug. 3

WESTCHESTER COUNTY BOARD OF LEGISLATORS. Via videoconference. 10 a.m. For agenda, to access the meeting, go to westchesterlegislators.com or call 914-995-2800.