Rye Town court will be moving into space at 350 North Main St. The Port Chester village court offices that will be displaced are relocating next to the parking violations bureau.
Rye Town court will be moving into space at 350 North Main St. The Port Chester village court offices that will be displaced are relocating next to the parking violations bureau.
Despite some uncertainty over the timeline, all of the Rye Town offices, including the court, should be relocated by early November.

The majority of the town is scheduled to move into their new home at 222 Grace Church Street over Halloween weekend. Initially the town worried the court that will be bunking with the Port Chester Justice Court might not be ready until December, but village officials said they have rearranged their schedule to allow for a much earlier date.

The town court offices will be adjacent to the courtroom in space currently used by village staff. Those employees will be relocating to space on the first floor near the parking violations bureau. "The area where they'll move in is currently occupied," said Chris Ameigh, the administrative aide to the Port Chester village manager. "Once our people are moved downstairs, that space will have a few modifications before the town can move in."

For the entire project, the area downstairs needs to be built-out for the village staff, exterior work done on the police station to create a vestibule and then the modifications made upstairs.

"We originally didn't want to have our staff working downstairs until the vestibule was finished," Ameigh said.

Since work only started on Monday, Sept. 29, the vestibule will not be completed until the end of November. Because of the time crunch, the village decided to move their staff downstairs as soon as that interior space is finished, which should be relatively soon. Then the modifications are expected to only take another week or so before the town's staff can start hauling in all their equipment.

Consequently, the court should be settled close to the same time as the rest of the Rye Town offices. Even if they take a bit longer, that is well within the timeframe the Rye Town supervisor is currently shooting for. "If we can get a move by Halloween and the courts 30 days later, I'd consider that a success because you're always going to have challenges with these kinds of things," Supervisor Joe Carvin said.

Construction challenges

Construction at 222 Grace Church St. that will house all the town offices save the court has gone quite smoothly with no big problems. "There are little things that come up every day, but those are items that are quickly taken care of," said Deputy Supervisor William Villanova.

Initially, both the town and the village had hoped to have both projects finished months ago. When construction bids came in much higher than anticipated, both municipalities had to take a step back and reassess. They ultimately decided to go forward with the partnership and rebid the projects.

The company Port Chester ended up going with, Peter A. Camilli & Sons, Inc. of Pleasantville, is actually the same one the town awarded their bid to, which diverted some resources, Ameigh said. "That's part of why the schedule got pushed back a little," he explained.

The town still has to finalize everything with Dom Neri, CEO of Neri's Bakery Products, Inc., who purchased Rye Town Hall at 10 Pearl St. "We're trying to coordinate the close and move within a few weeks of each other," Villanova said.

If any town operations have to remain in 10 Pearl St. after the closing, the town could incur a rental charge. At the same time, according to the lease signed with Port Chester, the town is supposed to start paying rent for both spaces on Nov. 1.

Ready and waiting

In the meantime, Court Clerk Anne Capeci is in the process of applying for grant money to spruce up the new place. The court will need its own server since it will be separate from the rest of Rye Town. Also on the docket are printers, copiers, a time stamp machine, bullet proof glass and new furniture for the clerk and assistant clerk since theirs is about 25 years old.

The plan is also to get signs

made to identify Rye Town Court to help differentiate it from the village court which shares the same building.

For the moment, operations at 10 Pearl St. continue as they always had.

Capeci said once they have a more firm move-in date, they will start sending out all the court mailings with the new address so people know where they are supposed to go. "I think it's going to be a little bit confusing for people because we've been here for so many years," she said.

Rye Town Court is facing a potential jury trial-a rarity in their operations-that is currently scheduled for November. Depending on how the construction progresses, it could be one of the last events at 10 Pearl Street or one of the first at the 350 North Main Street setup.

"We'll just have to wait and see," Capeci said.