Dear Toni,
The girl I love more than macaroni and fried fish.

To Amanda:
Red, white, blue
How lucky I am to have a daughter like you.
Know I love you so
More than you'll ever know.
Love, Mommy YMFC

To Emily:
Roses are sometimes red
Violets aren't really blue
But I know in my heart
I'm lucky to have a daughter like you!
Love, Mother Hen

To Nico:
My handsome, sweet boy. I love you and am thankful every day that you are mine.
Happy Valentine's Day, honey!
Love, Mommy

To my sexy husband Mike:
Every day I love you more; and I love you a lot today! Happy Valentine's Day.
Love, your wife Liz

To Emily and Amanda:
Happy Valentine's Day! Hope your day is sweet.
Love, your little brother Nico

To Sister Grace:
Religion is a blast
Because we rock the class
Hope your day is sweet
I think you're really neat!
Love, Sister Liz

Dear Clara, Jessica, Nicolette:
My heart and love always belongs to each of you.
Happy Valentine's Day to the loves of my life.

To Alexandra and Ryan Rubin:
Happy Valentine's Day to the sweetest, most awesome kids ever!
Will you be my Valentines?
I love you. XXOO Marylee

To Our Grandchildren Angelica, Nicholas, Alexander and Victoria:
Happy Valentine's Day. You are the loves of our life.
God bless you all and your parents.
Love, Grandma Lorraine & Grandpa John

To Bob "The Dragon" Carlucci:
Happy Valentine's Day!
Love forever, Sue

To My Valentine in Heaven:
Las year we were together in Florida. This year you are in heaven but forever in my heart.

To Francesca and Gavin:
Happy Valentine's Day.
We love you more!!
Pa and Ma

Ure my Knight in Shining Armor, the protector of my heart.
I knew U were a special man...
It was obvious from the start...
& here we R 32 yrs. 2 gether & anybody who looks can C dat U & I R so in luv.
We were always meant 2 B.
Luv U, Yur wife Diane XOXOXO

To Hub:
Another year, let's make it the best ever.
Will you be my valentine forever?
Love you lots, Stub

To Lady Tort:
I am you, you are me, we are one together.
From Sir Tort with love

To Sweet Lorraine:
You're everything I ever wanted. I'm so glad you are mine.
And so I ask you: will you be my Valentine?
Love, Big John

To My C:
Seems like we've been doing this forever and another year is here!
I'm wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day because you've been my dear!
As for Tomas, the babies and the kitties, they love their mommy the most cause you're the best damn mommy and that's from coast to coast!
Love, P

Eric, Sarah, Alec and Zachary:
Congratulations on your amazing accomplishments!!
Dad and I are so proud of you as you transition into this next phase of your lives.
Always remember how much I love you on Valentine's Day and every day.

To Ruby:
Tear our pleasures with rough strife
Through the iron gates of life:
Though we cannot make our sun
stand still, we will make him run.

To Nina:
Happy Valentine's Day to our "forever valentine."
Love you, Mom & Dad

To Caryn:
Telling you "I love you" never gets old.
Happy Valentine's Day.
Love Always, Don

Happy Valentine's Day to one "sexy" grandma!
From a secret admirer