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RSS construction reaches new heights
From Rockinghorse Trail, construction at Ridge Street School can be seen on Tuesday, Aug. 4 as the new addition to the school takes shape where the Butler Building, a temporary unit that was constructed in the 1960s, once stood. Part of the $44.7 million bond project that began last summer, it is slated to be completed in January 2021. Jananne Abel|Westmore News
  • At long last, a foundational win

    Superintendent Dr. Edward Kliszus described Wednesday, Apr. 7, as a hustle for the Port Chester School District administrators—waking up early to prepare for an influx of phone calls and meetings to discuss endeavors moving forward.

  • B.B. 2021-22 school budget projects 
school tax reduction, 0% levy increase

    The Blind Brook Board of Education presented to the public their official plan for the 2021-22 school budget this week after contemplating several drafts and months of planning.

    Budget season started in November for administrators, who have tried to plan accordingly as COVID-19 restrictions slowly begin to lift. The Board of Education met on three separate occasions in March to review drafts of the superintendent’s proposed budget before adopting the final version on Tuesday, Apr. 6.

  • The Open Door Family Medical Center’s School-Based Health Center Program will become known as the Nita M. Lowey Center for Health in Schools. 

  • P.C. school board weeks away
from hiring new superintendent

    Vetting through a search committee, the Port Chester Board of Education is in the final steps of the hiring process for a new superintendent.

  • One incumbent, one newcomer announce
intentions to run for B.B. school board

    With the end of the COVID-19 pandemic in sight, it seems many in the Blind Brook School District have amassed an energy to get the schools back on a track of cutting-edge innovation.

  • New community partnership blossoms 
at the Port Chester School District

    It takes a village”—the prelude of an African proverb that proclaims children need the shared support of an entire community to have a fair shot at blossoming into well-rounded adults with enriched lives.

  • Port Chester Schools administrators
approach 2021-22 budget with optimism

    Despite the Port Chester School District superintendent’s preliminary 2021-22 budget proposal alluding to a multimillion-dollar budget gap at first glance—a common happenstance in the fiscally stressed institution—administrators are hopeful this may become one of the better budget years the district has seen in a long time.

  • P.C. Schools bilingual director wins award
for teaching tech to students and parents

    A Port Chester Schools director was awarded a prestigious innovation award on Tuesday, Mar. 16, for leading programs that helped teachers, students and parents thrive during the worst of the pandemic.

    Felipe Orozco received the 2021 TELL Outstanding Innovative Leader Award for his leadership role of bridging an inequity gap exacerbated by COVID-19. 

  • PCSD admins empower women
to reach new leadership heights

    In the early stages of her career in academia, Colleen Carroll harvested motivation by attending New York State Association of Women in Administration (NYSAWA) conferences in Albany.

  • Bluebirds expect an elementary return

    On Apr. 12, as summer break draws near, Bruno M. Ponterio Ridge Street Elementary School teachers, students, and parents alike—in a phenomenon similar in essence to Daylight Saving Time or a lunar eclipse—will enter school together for the first time since COVID-19 moved classrooms to computer screens a year ago.

  • Putting hybrid to rest

    To some extent and at varying levels, education has been facilitated by teachers and absorbed by pupils from behind an electronic screen for an entire year.

  • Blind Brook sup’t proposes
$52.25M 2021-22 budget

    With both a new superintendent, Dr. Patrick Brimstein, and assistant superintendent for finance & facilities, Mary O’Neill, settling into their first year at the Blind Brook School District, the budget process has manifested in a different way this year.

  • One World claims Port Chester school board
violated its founder’s constitutional rights

    Is the Port Chester School District facing a character crisis?

    With COVID-19 complications unwaveringly looming like a low hanging cloud, the 2020-21 school year has been defined by controversy—largely revolving around racist Facebook posts discovered in September that are allegedly attributed to Board of Education President Tom Corbia’s account. 
  • The Port Chester School District community virtually came out with numbers to beg the Board of Education to reconsider their position on the One World program.

  • School board charges president 
with mysterious misconduct charges

    In a historic moment for the Port Chester School District, the Board of Education authorized misconduct charges against its own president, Tom Corbia—taking a step forward with potentially removing him from office.

  • Blind Brook starts planning 
to ‘RIPL’ students back in

    Not all school districts have had the same COVID-19 experience. Due to various circumstances, ranging from population, to building structure to behaviors and living conditions of the community itself, schools across the country have operated in different ways this year and have faced implications to varying degrees.

  • Student-teacher relationships make 
P.C. Schools Champions of Change

    At the Port Chester School District, there’s a distinctive emphasis on fostering a tight, meaningful bond between students and their teachers that for years administrators have prided themselves on.

  • Where in the world is One World?

    Gianna Villanova has been accepted into 10 of the 12 universities she’s applied to—so far. She’s still waiting to hear back from the last two.

  • Corbia case continues with hearing, 
more questions than answers available

    The next chapter of the Port Chester Board of Education’s handling of the scandal around board president Tom Corbia is on the horizon, and it seems the trustees are unsure of what to expect.

  • Essential and eligible

     An early bird by nature, Marvin DeLeon got up at 5 a.m. on Monday, Jan. 11.

    But instead of embarking on his routine workout as he does every morning, he plopped onto the couch in his Rye Brook home, turned on Netflix and set up his laptop an arm’s reach away with the New York State COVID-19 vaccination site loaded in the browser.

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