Man caught driving drunk with 20 beers in the trunk

November 16, 2023 at 12:13 a.m.

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While manning a DWI checkpoint on Saturday, Nov. 11, a Port Chester officer allegedly witnessed a black Nissan Altima drive past with an inoperable passenger-side headlight and tinted windows. Upon stopping the vehicle, the officer allegedly noticed the driver, Victor Ramirez, had the odor of alcohol on his breath.

When asked for his address, Ramirez allegedly gave a residence that did not match his license. While the police were performing standard field sobriety tests at 1:09 a.m., the 44-year-old allegedly had a lack of smooth pursuit in both eyes and put his foot down twice during the one leg stand test. A preliminary breath test then revealed alcohol in the system of the 229 N. Regent St. resident, according to the police report, and he was arrested.

Officers allegedly found several open and partially consumed containers of alcohol under the driver’s seat of the vehicle, including a bottle of vodka, and an additional 20 opened and consumed bottles of beer in the trunk. When tested later that evening, Ramirez’s blood alcohol content was revealed to be .15%, over the legal limit of .08%.

Ramirez was charged with driving while intoxicated, a misdemeanor. He also received infractions for drinking alcohol in a motor vehicle, having inoperable headlights and tinted windows and failing to notify the DMV of an address change.


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