B.B. boys’ basketball team loses homecoming heartbreaker

February 7, 2024 at 9:38 p.m.
Senior captain Eli Zimmerman aggressively takes the ball to the hoop for a layup during Blind Brook’s homecoming game on Friday, Jan. 26. The Trojans lost that contest 52-50.
Senior captain Eli Zimmerman aggressively takes the ball to the hoop for a layup during Blind Brook’s homecoming game on Friday, Jan. 26. The Trojans lost that contest 52-50. (Courtesy photo of Anna Vnenchak)

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The Blind Brook boys’ basketball team came into their highly anticipated homecoming matchup with a 9-7 record. The homecoming game is what the boys looked forward to all season long, and the Trojans looked at a golden opportunity to light up Blind Brook High School with a win against Hastings on the night of Friday, Jan. 26.

    Junior captain and point guard Noah Brookman looks to pass the ball to one of his teammates during Blind Brook’s Jan. 26 homecoming game.
 Courtesy of Anna Vnenchak

The Blind Brook gym was already packed from the girls’ game that took place before that of the boys, and all Blind Brook students showed up in their ski-themed outfits. The gym got loud, and Blind Brook brought energy to the long-awaited game. The seniors were first honored during the rose ceremony, and representing Blind Brook were Ryan Stiler, James Perlman and captain Eli Zimmerman.

The students in attendance were given a gift of a game, as it was intense right from the start and remained that way until the end. The seniors were given significant minutes on the floor and were able to keep Blind Brook even with the strong Hastings lineup throughout the game. Sophomore Tyler Taerstein also was seen on the court for a big portion of the game and put up 18 points for the Trojans.

Blind Brook found themselves down by two points with six seconds left in the game. The Trojans inbounded the ball and looked to score and tie the game. However, a costly turnover prevented the Trojans from sending the game into overtime, and it was Hastings who robbed the Trojans of a homecoming win, 52-50.

The Trojans had no choice but to turn the page and recover the following week. They hosted Panas High School on Monday, Jan. 29 and were able to shut them down quickly with the help of the returning faithful Blind Brook crowd. The boys were clearly determined to get back on track after the rough homecoming game, shown by the 65-42 final score.

The next day they traveled to Briarcliff to add another tally to the win column. Briarcliff matchups, which are league games, are always intense, and this was a crucial victory for the Trojans. The Trojans were able to secure the win by 10 points with a 56-46 final score. Zimmerman led with great defense, taking two charges plus an additional from Taerstein. The Trojans, happily back to their winning ways, went out to celebrate that night by supporting the boys’ hockey team, the Rye Town-Harrison Titans.

After a night out and a rest day, the Trojans were back to work hosting Valhalla High School on Thursday, Feb. 1. Looking to continue their win streak, the Trojans came out hot. Valhalla was able to catch up and it was a close finish, but the loud Blind Brook crowd helped push the Trojans to victory by a single point.

The Trojans have now maintained a hot streak and have shown no signs of stopping. This momentum came at the perfect time, as they have two games remaining in the regular season. They were to face Westlake at home after press time Wednesday, Feb. 7. The boys played their worst game of the season last time the two teams met and still only lost by six. If all goes right, they were planning on stretching their win streak to four with a win on Wednesday. They will then host Pleasantville for the last game of the regular season on Friday, Feb. 9 at 6:30 p.m. The boys are 1-1 against Pleasantville and hope to finish the season with a bang on Friday, just in time for playoffs. They currently sit with a 12-8 record.


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