$147.5 million school budget adopted despite trustee’s fight for changes

Port Chester Board of Education member Geroge Ford was the sole dissenter.

Mandates that flourish in the classroom: P.C. Schools expands biliteracy programs

Every student in need of English Language Learner (ELL) services must be provided options. It’s the law.

Blind Brook school board adopts $59.98 million 2024-25 budget

With no comments regarding its content from its members or the public, the Blind Brook Board of Education unanimously voted to adopt a $59.98 million 2024-25 spending plan during their regular meeting on Tuesday, Apr. 16.

Dr. Chirles resigns as BBHS principal

At the Blind Brook Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, Apr. 16, it was announced that another staffing change will occur in the 2024-25 school year.

Blind Brook School District eyes Tri-State Consortium membership

Evaluating one’s own school district can get difficult, said Blind Brook Middle School Principal Seth Horowitz. “When you’re in your own district, you’re limited,” he explained. “You only see what’s in your walls from the inside.” To expose Blind Brook Schools to outside perspectives and input, the district has made …

Newfound self-care discovered through a Newfoundland doggo

As any high schooler will likely confirm, junior year is rough. Students often find themselves feeling the pressure squeezing around from all angles—like a stress ball getting clenched by the hand of a burdened mind. And the angst comes from forces both academic and social; finding health in both, to …

PCSD strikes a chord, wins NAMM award

When the Port Chester School District first received a substantial increase in Foundation Aid for the 2021-22 school year, restoring the arts was a priority and it began to invest more into its music program. At the time, the Westmore News described it as “a renaissance.”

Average PCSD tax to spike $500 despite limited levy increase

Preparing for the 2024-25 school year, the Port Chester School District is proposing the most modest budget that has been seen in a while. Spending increases are more limited because state aid influxes that have boosted the schools over the last three years are settling down, and the district must …

The rising costs of special education

When the Blind Brook Board of Education met for a line-by-line presentation of the fiscally tight 2024-25 budget on Mar. 16, members of the board expressed concern over several areas that continue to see spiked spending. Among those departments is pupil services.

BBSD adjusts budget proposal to pay for football field replacement

The Blind Brook School District’s plan to replace the high school sports fields continues to develop, and it’s caused some shifts in the district’s financial plans.

Afterschool, field trips up for debate in PCSD 2024-25 spending proposal

For the last three years, the Port Chester School District has been embracing an era of “new,” where an influx of state aid has brought a plethora of new programs and positions. This year, however, as significant budget-to-budget increases are no longer in play, the district is facing an era …

Stimulated learning: music therapy at PCSD enhances class for special education students

Many students with special needs process stimuli differently when compared to their neurotypical peers, explained Port Chester Schools Director of Special Education Tatiana Memoli. And a long-established program at the school district helps those students through the developmental process of embracing those sensations: music therapy.

B.B. residents pack library to hear district’s field goals

The Blind Brook School District was left scrambling following the revelation that both its multipurpose and baseball fields had to be closed after both failed impact tests in early March.

Annual job fair encourages residents to consider employment at P.C. Schools

Since moving to Port Chester from Paraguay seven years ago, most of Norma Rojas’s jobs have been inconsistent—picking up gigs like babysitting as she simultaneously raised her children, instead of pursuing a 9 to 5.

One SRO hasn’t been given the go

The Port Chester School District’s newly established School Resource Officer (SRO) program has enabled a rare experience that sees the active partnership among multiple jurisdictions: the district and the villages of Port Chester and Rye Brook.