Ex-Ram track star cycles through Stanford on his way from Port Chester to a lucrative financial job in Miami

As one of Port Chester's best distance runners of all time, ex-Ram scholar-athlete Joseph Tapia has always gone the extra mile.

PCYBL Pirates U teams ups and downs range from tourney wins, ties and losses

It was the best of times, the worst of times going up and down the Port Chester Youth Baseball League age group ladder over the past week.

Faraci wins 3rd place medal with NY Wonder 14U baseball team in national championships

It was pure athletic reaction, doing what comes naturally without time to think, and she was off with the crack of the bat, leaping off third base, body and glove extended to the max, stretching through the air as though being pulled by an invisible rope until there was the …

Aging Rams 20U team drops a deuce but sticks together for all the right & wrong reasons including love of game

Port Chester's 20U baseball team made another U turn in the wrong direction as it continues its downward spiral for all the right and wrong reasons.

11U PCYBL Pirates sweep doubleheader on their way to 14-0 record in the GHVBL

Their rivals couldn't stop the steal, and that suited the local larcenous Pirates just fine because they got away with the baseball age-group equivalent of highway robbery in sweeping a doubleheader last Sunday (7/7) at Lyon Park over OGRCC (Old Greenwich-Riverside Community Center) to remain undefeated in their first 14 …

Triage lessons learned from death and dying stirred up by Blind Brook & P.C. graduations

In matters of life and death, friendship matters even when you haven't seen those friends in more years than you can remember going all the way back to high school. And that is something the month of June always reminds me of even as the calendar has turned into July.

20U Pirates lose 4 of 5 games but ex-Rams keep playing for love of game as aging boys of summer

The aging Port Chester boys of summer are trying to turn back the clock as they start their fourth season as the 20U Pirates— and they are getting clocked.

Turnaround 11U PCYBL Pirates off to a fast start sitting atop the GHVBL by winning 1st 10 games

In one of the most sensational summer season starts in Port Chester Youth Baseball League history, the Port Chester 11U Pirates are off and running and seemingly can't be beat in a dramatic turnaround from their less-than-impressive spring season.

22 Class of '24 student-athlete sports highlights from the Port Chester/Blind Brook best of bests

Graduation has come and gone for the Port Chester and Blind Brook Class of 2024, but the memories linger on after a scholastic sports year to remember because it was like no other year in the storied athletic history of both schools.

Age group focus at upcoming softball camp with All-Star profs recruited to teach the ABCs

The future is now, or almost now, and the crystal ball is focused on what it takes for local ballers to win. Especially the Lady Rams softball team.

Twelve inspirational stories and 6Gs in awards at 10th STEER graduation banquet at Casino Royale

Graduation came early for 12 of Port Chester's most outstanding senior student-athletes with five winning scholarships totaling $6,000 and priceless inspirational stories galore emerging from appearances and testimonials by Rams and Lady Rams past, present and future greats.

Gina Carlone gives insight into what it takes to win dual coaching awards at Blind Brook in same year

It is not every day or year that a Blind Brook varsity coach is named Coach of the Year in one sport, let alone two. But there is always a first time.

PCYBL steps up pace with Major, Minor title winners and travel team Pirates play picking up in GHVBL

In the magical mystery tour that is the Port Chester Youth Baseball League's ongoing yet ever-changing seasons, it is out with the old, in with the new time of year even as almost everything old becomes new again at Lyon Park.

Two ex-age group Rebels U baseball buddies graduate onto college stage after Blind Brook

Their final Blind Brook High School baseball season didn't end the way they wanted it to, but they went down swinging—and they both walked away knowing it wasn't an end to the friendship that had begun on the Rye Brook playing fields when they were in grammar school, just starting …

Times will tell whether Port Chester's T&F team will go from fast to faster to fastest in near future

The New York State High School Track & Field Championships took place last Friday and Saturday (6/7/8) at Cicero North High School in Syracuse—and nobody from Port Chester qualified.