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There will be a new way to read weekly Westmore News content online starting Friday, Apr. 5.

Proposed OSHA fire service changes ignite debate among firefighters

A longstanding federal guide regarding fire department safety may see some large-scale changes, which would impact all fire brigades across the country, including the Port Chester Fire Department.

A busy week for firefighters battling blazes across P.C.

The Port Chester Fire Department has had an active week, which Fire Chief Angelo Sposta described as reflective of a trend for the last four months.

Afterschool program at Blind Brook aims to give students a helping hand

Getting kids to sit down and do their homework can be a chore. As a mom of two Blind Brook students, Allison Conte has certainly experienced that difficulty.

Village orders work to stop on 30 Broad Street building

The mixed-use building that will house a brewpub, apartments and offices across from the Metro-North station has been under construction for many months, finally climbing to its approved nine stories. However, more than a month ago, work on the structure stopped.

Summer reading program on the way for P.C. students

For many students, summer is a welcome break from school. After months of consistent classroom time, many take the opportunity to step away from their academics. However, it’s also a period when some may experience learning loss, also known as the “Summer Slide,” due to that lack of consistent education …

Tentative village budget is tax cap-compliant

The tentative 2024-25 budget presented by Village Manager Stuart Rabin to the Port Chester Board of Trustees on Mar. 18 and explained to the board and public during a presentation by the manager and Treasurer Anthony Siligato on Apr. 1 is tax cap-compliant with a 2.67% tax levy increase which …

County Legislature approves land swap to pave way for water filtration plant

The Westchester County Legislature voted 15-1 Monday evening, Apr. 8, to approve the County Airport land swap with Westchester Joint Water Works (WJWW) which would allow that utility to build its court-mandated water filtration plant on a 13.7-acre parcel of land adjoining Purchase Street and the Quaker Friends Meeting House.

Solar eclipse gives town a rare celestial show

Solar eclipses have a variety of effects on the world. In the moments the moon makes its escapade between the Earth and sun, the temperature drops several degrees and farm animals head back to the barn because they think it’s time to hit the hay.

‘Did anyone else feel that?’

Natural phenomena have made it a crazy week, with one expected event, the near-total solar eclipse on Monday, Apr. 8, wowing Rye Town residents a few days after another one briefly rattled them.

Tentative Rye Brook budget is tax cap-compliant for 12th time

The Rye Brook Tentative 2024-25 Budget, presented to the Board of Trustees on Mar. 20, is now the village board’s budget and being actively reviewed by that five-member body to see if any modifications should be made.

PCPD gathers officers to honor fallen brother

In the aftermath of the death of a New York City police officer, 50 departments across the Hudson Valley made the trek to Queens to pay their respects. “Different patches, same family. That’s our motto,” said Port Chester Police Captain Charles Nielsen during a phone interview on Monday, Apr. 1.

Free cooking classes coming to Crawford

Cara Tannenbaum certainly knows her way around a kitchen. She’s been a professional chef for decades, having privately catered events with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, and has served as both an instructor and administrator at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City.

Over 100 likely unmarked graves identified at African American Cemetery

The Town of Rye has an historic treasure sitting in its backyard, and the understanding of the checkered past it embodies continues to get enriched.

Dark times are coming, in an astronomical way

Whether it’s on broadcast television or social media feeds, news about the solar eclipse coming next week has been hard to miss.