Letter: More on the UN, EVs, Ukraine, immigration and Biden

February 7, 2024 at 9:46 p.m.

I am writing this letter in response to Douglas Gessner’s critiquing an opinion letter that I wrote a couple of weeks ago. My talking points were about the United Nations complex in New York City, about funneling our tax dollars to Ukraine, electric vehicles, and illegal immigration. I would just like to point out some of the facts he missed.

First, the UN complex in the City pays no taxes, no property taxes or any fees, yet the City spends hundreds of thousands of dollars for police security when these so-called diplomats come to town. I think it’s time to move it to Moscow! Did you know that the U.S. contributes 25% of the UN budget? Where are the rest of the countries’ contributions?

Second, this pushing of electric vehicles, the people don't want them; they are expensive, and they can be potentially more dangerous than gas powered cars, and let’s not forget the $10 billion boondoggle that the Biden administration spent on electric school busses. They were exploding in the parking lots; that storm is over. We have an alternative fuel we should be using. It’s called LNG, liquified natural gas. It’s clean and plentiful, but the green idiots refuse to accept it.

Third, funneling munitions to Ukraine. Our stockpiles are running low at this point. Not only are we sending money, but the taxpayers are footing the bill for all the ordnance we produce here and send to Ukraine, It’s time for the Europeans to step up to the plate. People here are getting fed up with the way our tax dollars are being spent. Just a point of interest, Zelensky wants $60 billion. Well, here is a fact people don't know. Our budget for the Marine Corps is $53 billion. Think about that one! We need to spend these funds on Americans!

Lastly, Mr. Gessner carries on about the southern border crisis. He says: "We should be spending our money setting up welcome booths instead of walls." What a great idea. The first welcome booth you should set up should be in Crawford Park. You can house people in the mansion, and there is plenty of land for a tent city. People that live in affluent towns like Rye Brook, Greenwich, Rye, and, oh yes, let’s not forget Martha’s Vineyard which I have nicknamed "White Landia.” They bleed for these illegals. They let them clean their homes, cut their grass, but don't want them to send their children to their schools or live in their town. These people are called NIMBY’s, short for “not in my backyards.” I suggest that next time Mr. Gessner takes me to task about my opinions, he thinks a little harder before he starts. I can only assume that by his views he is a Biden Democrat, and that’s his right even if the Democrats are ruining America. We have a president who can't put two sentences together, and this boob carries the nuclear codes with him. My God!

Thomas F. Ceruzzi

Port Chester


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