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Rye Town Park’s historic bathhouse continues to see renovation projects

However, it’s been a long-term commitment for the Park Commission. In fact, less than 10 years ago, the building nestled between the parking lot and pond was in a condition that could have shut the park down.

Community mourns West Harrison man after missing person search ends in tragedy

A vigil was held on Monday, Nov. 27, at 7 p.m. at the marina behind Colony Grill to honor the memory of Jan Carlo Yepes.

Roommate problems

A roommate dispute got Port Chester police officers dispatched to 28 Alto Ave. on Sunday, Nov. 26. Upon arrival, the police spoke with two men who have been living together for over 10 years.

Unwanted visitor

Rye Brook police officers were called to a home on Roanoke Avenue after it was reported that a protection order was being violated on Sunday, Nov. 26. Upon arrival at 9:31 p.m., they found the 44-year-old man who was allegedly breaching the order.

Drunk without a license

A Port Chester police officer was patrolling on Westchester Avenue on Saturday, Nov. 25, when a gold Honda caught their eye.

Getting risky on whiskey

While patrolling Willett Avenue, a Port Chester police officer allegedly witnessed a red Toyota Prius narrowly avoid hitting a pedestrian while making a left turn onto North Main Street on Thursday, Nov. 23.

Drunken hit-and-run

A Port Chester police officer was called to Kings Park Drive in search of the driver of a black Toyota Tacoma who allegedly left the scene of an accident after failing to yield at a stop sign on Thursday, Nov. 23 at 12:05 a.m.

No babysitter confirmed

An unattended child was found on Sherman Street at 5:30 p.m.

Fire Department rescues two minors in car accident

The Port Chester Fire Department was called for help in the aftermath of a car accident on Hillcrest Avenue on Wednesday, Nov. 22. The incident occurred shortly after 12:15 p.m., during the early dismissal of nearby Port Chester High School.

Bridgeport man arrested after hit-and-sleep incident

A Port Chester police officer was called to the scene of an accident on North Main Street on Sunday, Nov. 26.

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