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JetBlue to fly to Puerto Rico from HPN starting Oct. 27

JetBlue will offer Westchester County Airport (HPN) travelers non-stop commercial flights to Puerto Rico for the first time by any airline starting Oct. 27.

Redevelopment process for Arrowwood site starts with Charles Cohen fully involved

Charles Cohen, the entrepreneur and owner of Cohen Brothers Realty Corporation and Cohen Purchase Building Company LLC, looked relaxed, smiling and shaking hands before taking his seat and waiting to speak. His attorney, David Steinmetz, of the firm Zarin & Steinmetz LLP in White Plains, seemed anxious to please and get on with the job.

Dick Hubert’s Worldview: France’s Macron speaks dark truths about Russia, Europe, and the West

Media exclusives aren’t usually front page news. But last week, at least in this country, TIME Magazine’s cover story interview with former President and current presumed 2024 Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump made headline news wherever I looked.

Breeze Airways adds seasonal flights from HPN, including Portland, Maine

Breeze Airways is reinforcing its presence at Westchester County Airport (HPN) this summer with several “seasonal” additional destinations.

Dick Hubert’s Worldview: Liberal America vs. authoritarian America: the ultimate decision comes down to us

The prospect of anti-Israel, anti-Gaza war, and pro-Palestinian protesters turning Chicago’s streets into a 1968 rerun is giving me nightmares.

Will there be commercial flights for dogs and companions out of HPN?

On Apr. 11 a publicity release went out on the nationally distributed Business Wire and was picked up everywhere in the country where media of any kind were looking for a happy story.

Dick Hubert’s Worldview: The Tortured Columnist’s Department or…thoughts demanding expression

With a nod to Taylor Swift’s new double album “The Tortured Poets Department,” this column is a tortured columnist’s (with an apostrophe “s”) recognition of a welter of thoughts demanding expression.

Breeze corrects HPN tech snafu for listing flights on public boards

Local travelers on Breeze Airways can finally see arrival and departure information for their flights on the Westchester County Airport (HPN) arrivals and departures board, both at the airport and on the HPN website.

Dick Hubert’s Worldview: An 1899 underground hydroelectric plant built in 16 months—could it be done today?

Travel is broadening, as the old saying goes, especially in your own country.

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