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Real Estate Reflections: Disclosure dilemmas: The uncertain impact of New York's Property Condition Disclosure Act

As of Mar. 20, 2024, sellers of one- to four-family homes are required to furnish a Property Condition Disclosure Statement (“PCDS”) to potential buyers prior to contract signing.

Real Estate Reflections: Preparedness pointers: Practical steps to protect your property

It feels like everyone is on high alert. Between the upcoming election, regional wars and the looming AI uprising, there seems to be a general sense of impending doom.

Real Estate Reflections: Survive the flood: Tips and tactics for flooding and insurance

Are you prepared for the next big storm? In recent years, Westchester County has experienced record amounts of rainfall. Flooding is the most common natural disaster in the county, and it can cause devastating damage to your home and your belongings.

Real Estate Reflections: Navigating the rollercoaster ride of building a home in Westchester

Ah, the elusive perfect home—that magical abode that checks all the boxes, a unicorn in the wild world of real estate. Lower Westchester County’s rich history often poses a challenge for eager house hunters.

Real Estate Reflections: Ripple effect of rising interest rates

As prospective real estate buyers continue to circle every new listing that comes to market, people are left wondering why the increase in interest rates hasn’t had a more profound impact on demand. Interestingly, the increase in interest rates has impacted supply more significantly.

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