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Taking a deep dive Into Reading, RSS embraces new approach to literacy

Times are changing. And in the world of education, Ridge Street Elementary School Principal Tracy Taylor said evolution is coming by way of new literacy curricula across the U.S.

Honest Abe hits the stage: P.C. actor makes regular appearances on ‘The Tonight Show’

A shrieking crowd of mostly young women had flooded “The Tonight Show” filming studio, and as a featured performer happy to get yet another “15 seconds of anonymous fame,” Lou Del Bianco was aware that they were not there for him.

Female empowerment illuminated in tragedy

The Drama Club is embarking on a year of girl power, described the program’s longtime Director and Producer Christina Colangelo, who typically tries to balance the fall play and spring musical harmoniously together.

Rye Town candidates vie for voice in shaping future

It takes a contested election for philosophical differences to arise, and that has been the climate over the last few months as the community sees the first contested Rye Town Council race in eight years.

Respecting the spirits of Indian Road

John Santa likes to hang out in graveyards. He always has, and likely always will. With Halloween right around the corner, cemeteries provide an aesthetic that many are temporarily getting hyped on—it’s spooky season, but for Santa, spooky season never ends.

The children of immigration

Dayanara remembers the flood of tears that streamed down her face when she first arrived in Port Chester in March 2020. She was overwhelmed, partially because she had finally reached the conclusion of a stressful, months-long journey to the U.S., which was coupled with the feeling of loss to process after leaving the family that raised her in Ecuador—loved ones whom she’s unsure when she’ll see again.

Two P.C. painters eager to make ART10573 debut

Most of the paintings that line the walls in Mary Tallerico’s Tower Hill Drive home are adamantly not for sale. And even the ones that are, she described, will be a heartbreak to let go of.

‘I’m wearing my star today and I’m going to be proud’

All night, from the distressing distance of his home in Rye Brook, Hazan had been watching the news as horrific tragedies unfolded from his home country of Israel, where most of his family still lives. A native of Jerusalem, he could only sleep for three hours after mustering the motivation to rest.

P.C. School District sets tangible academic targets

When George Ford was running for a seat on the Port Chester Board of Education this past May, his platform was straightforward—the school board, he said, needs to lose the vagueness and set granular, specific academic goals.

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