Dick Hubert’s Worldview: An 1899 underground hydroelectric plant built in 16 months—could it be done today?

Travel is broadening, as the old saying goes, especially in your own country.

Letter: School board and administrators have been derelict in their duty to taxpayers

Disgusted, angry, aggravated, these are just a few adjectives to describe my feelings when I read the headline in last week’s Westmore News. I don't know where to start to vent my position on this matter, so I will start with the current board and administration.

Letter: Bold lack of transparency on the Rye Town Board

Less than four months into their new reign over Rye Town, the Town Supervisor and Town Board of Rye Town are relapsing into a bold lack of transparency.

Letter: Great success at Cleanup Day!

This past Saturday, Apr. 13, was the Town of Rye's multi-community cleanup and planting day, which brought volunteers in Port Chester together with Rye Neck, The Town of Rye, and the City of Rye for a morning of community service.

Letter: Are Dems really on Ukraine’s side?

When Ukraine started successfully destroying Russian oil refineries deep inside Russia, with all Ukrainian-made UAVs, reports started to come about how the Biden administration via Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin expressed a great degree of displeasure with that situation.

Letter: Fond memories of the Als

When I read the letter to the editor entitled “Father Alfonso's football team, aka ‘The Als’” in your Apr. 5 edition, it brought back so many memories. The Als played on Friday nights or Sunday. Pat Federico would do the play by play. On Friday when I would come home …

Dick Hubert's Worldview: Will we be silently watching as Russia rampages through a weakened Ukraine?

The headlines for news stories out of Ukraine as I write this column are downright terrifying—and I use that word advisedly.

Letter: Threat to Westchester County’s water from upcoming project at County Airport

Westchester County Airport is polluted with highly toxic PFAS chemicals. Yet, the Westchester County Board of Legislators is about to approve a construction project at the airport which may dislodge these toxic chemicals into the nearby Kensico Reservoir, the source of drinking water for nine million people, including most of …

Dick Hubert’s Worldview: Threats to Israeli and Jewish life that are internal, not external

Could the biggest threat to Israel’s future be not Hamas and its terrorist allies, but an ugly split in Israeli society? Are the American media and the Jewish community in this area uncomfortable looking at the same forces threatening Israel internally that are mirrored here? Two major stories in our …

Real Estate Reflections: Disclosure dilemmas: The uncertain impact of New York's Property Condition Disclosure Act

As of Mar. 20, 2024, sellers of one- to four-family homes are required to furnish a Property Condition Disclosure Statement (“PCDS”) to potential buyers prior to contract signing.

Letter: Why I’m voting for Trump

I long ago had it with the Democratic Party’s espousal of everything deviant that has crept into American society over the past 60 years, but the murder of Policeman Jonathan Diller, then Biden’s proclamation of “Transgender Day of Visibility”—diabolically set to coincide with Easter Sunday—have created a nauseous loathing in …

Letter: Critique of Biden’s State of the Union

Friends, let’s go back to Biden’s State of the Union address. First, he comes out ranting and raving, not about what he is going to do about fixing our major problems like the border situation, inflation, high food and fuel prices, which by the way are not figured in the …

Letter: Father Alfonso's football team, aka ‘The Als’

Recalling old times is a lot of fun—makes you smile—makes you wish you had a time machine, and also makes you wish you paid more attention to names. So, I will preface this narrative with apologies for misspellings and omissions of the other great football players who played on Father …

Letter: Support your local library

As we approach National Library Week (Apr. 7-13), we're reflecting on the incredible impact our library has had on our community, thanks in large part to community contributions.

Dick Hubert’s Worldview: An historic woman pioneer’s story in the long haul trucking industry

Women’s History Month is drawing to a close, but not before I give a special salute to one of the pioneer women long haul truck drivers in the United States, Kathy Dyson, who with her husband and driving partner Ed is a “two million miler”—an elite status in a profession …